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The Morning Jolt: What’s This? A Beer?

I was never this musical when I drank. But now I wish I was.

By:|June 8, 2012


Summer Blockbuster Bingo

We're just now leaping full force into the summer blockbuster movie season. Why not bring along our handy Bingo card and see how many movies can flesh it out for you this year. Here's a hint, you'll probably fill every spot if you can manage to sit through everything Hollywood is churning out the next few months.

By:|June 7, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Django Unchained

This isn't a joke trailer, it's the real one. The joke would be Will Smith turning this role down for..what? MIB III? Good call, Bagger Vance.

By:|June 7, 2012


The 5 Most Terrible Foods Someone Will Bring to Your BBQ

It’s that time of year again, when you move the kitchen outdoors and get tanked with your friends in the yard while you eat in folding chairs and reminisce about a time when you got drunk and ate food in folding chairs and then puked in a potted plant. God, that was a fun weekend.

By:|June 6, 2012


The Morning Jolt: E3

Our old friend Ross Everett took in E3 and made this video to show you what was there to blow your gaming minds! Blow! Mind!

By:|June 6, 2012


How to Write a Comedy How to Article

So you’ve decided to write a hilariously uninformative comedy how to article, good for you. People enjoy the way it promises a pay off and then never delivers because if you actually told people how to do something then it would be a real article and what’s the point of that?

By:|June 5, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Caller ID

I just put people's names in my phone. Nothing funny ever happens. But no one ever calls me either. Meh.

By:|June 5, 2012


The Walking Carl: Chapter 10

I’ve become consumed with a problem these last few days. I was hoping zombie Stephen Hawking could help me but he’s not very helpful just following me around at a safe distance all day. Not for this problem. Unless I can start manipulating him.

By:|June 4, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Nap Time

My parents used to use the early version of this - Scotch.

By:|June 4, 2012


Reviewing Movies we Haven’t Seen: June 1st

My God, it never stops! Last week did we not predict that MIB III would topple the Avengers? And then didn’t it? It did! I am psychic, that’s confirmed. By science. Film science. Science! Anyway, on to this week.

By:|June 1, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Horse

Yep, this is where we are now.

By:|June 1, 2012


What Your Vacation Destination Says About You

Summer is the time when you force the family into the station wagon to go on vacation whether anyone likes it or not. But your destination says a lot about who you are and where you’re going in life. So let’s see what your vacation destination says about you. The real you. Deep, deep down. So deep.

By:|May 31, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Million Dollar Menu

Damn, I want McNuggets.

By:|May 31, 2012


25 Dark Fairy Tales We’d Rather See than Snow White and the Huntsman

This Friday will see the release of a new Kristen Stewart movie, so make sure you have a spare personality in your pocket if you go see it, the movie is down at least one. And while, Stewart aside, it’s cool to see a dark take on a familiar fairy tale, there’s clearly better stories that need to have the same film treatment.

By:|May 30, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Venice Beach Treasure

I'm not big on prank vids normally, but this was well executed and not completely bastardy, which is nice.

By:|May 30, 2012


How to Make a Modern Horror Movie

So you’ve decided to try your hand at cinema’s most derided yet beloved genre of death-dealing terror, good for you! Yes, horror is timeless and primal and appeals to all of us on some level because fear is such a basic emotion. Good thing most horror movie producers bend it over and destroy it so thoroughly to teach it a lesson.

By:|May 29, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Paintball War

I don't have the money to pull this off. Or the friends.

By:|May 29, 2012


The Walking Carl: Chapter 9

I’m feeling much better after getting over that whole diarrhea thing. My dad and Daryl went out and found me some Immodium, so that helped a lot. It took them three days, mind you, and I could have told them where to get some in 15 minutes but I didn’t want to make them feel stupid. Still, it’s good to be up and around again.

By:|May 28, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Gangsta

I find this curiously soothing.

By:|May 28, 2012


Reviewing Movies We Haven’t Seen: May 25th

The Avengers has been the number one movie in the country for like 100 weeks now. Or something. We’re not checking the calendar. But it has made chump meat out of Battleship, Dark Shadows and every other attempt to topple it from the top spot at the box office JUST AS WE PREDICTED! Yes, Holy Taco is full of scary movie psychic hotness. And so it is with a heavy heart that we have predictions for this week that bode poorly for Iron Man and his friends.

By:|May 25, 2012