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Holy Taco Draws the News: Superbowl XLVI

Lots going on this week, but the Superbowl is clearly stealing the show. If, even after you extensive Superbowl coverage, you're not sure you understand all the hype and significance of the big game, lucky for you we all have MSPaint so we can explain it!

By:|February 4, 2012


Classic Taco: Last Year’s Superbowl Flowchart

Super Bowl XLV is upon us, and so is another Holy Taco flowchart. This year, the Green Bay Packers take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. But if you're not a fan of either team, it can be hard to give a damn. Don't worry. We're here to help. Use this handy flowchart to determine if you should cheer for the "cheese heads" or the "three-river rapists."

By:|February 4, 2012


Catwoman vs Ozzy — Yes, You Read Right

Our friends at Filmdrunk give us the rundown on one of the greatest hollywood brawsl ever!

By:|February 3, 2012

Psychic Dolphin

Holy Taco Predicts The Winner Of The Super Bowl

There was that octopus that predicted the winner of the World Cup. There's a porcupine that predicted the winner of this year’s Super Bowl…and also a gorilla, some orangutans, and cats. It seems everybody has a precognitive beast that can accurately predict the winners of major sporting events…except us. Holy Taco doesn’t have an animal that can see the future… (This is when all of you groan with disappointment) …until NOW!

By:|February 3, 2012


7 Suprising G.I. Joe Figures Based On Real People

G.I. Joe action figures have been around for generations, but it wasn't until the eighties that Hasbro started using celebrities and other types to help promote them. There's a few Joes based on real people that most of us are familiar with, like Sergeant Slaughter, but there's a handful of other unsuspecting folks that you'd never expect. They run the gamut from comic book artists to political figures, here's a few of our favorites...

By:|February 3, 2012


25 Extreme Football Fans

Remember, if you're going to go to a public sporting event, it's not worth it if you don't scare children.

By:|February 3, 2012


Choosing Your Superbowl Beer

So you’re all geared up for your Superbowl party with all manner of artery decimating snacks and some really nice looking disposable plates that could be mistaken for elegant China from a distance, and it occurs to you that you need a frosty beverage to wash it all down with. Due to a personal grudge between you and your live, you’re not about to go with something like Pepsi, you need a hardcore drink. But not like Scotch or anything, because you’re not a social malcontent. No, you need beer. But with literally tens of beers on the market, how do you pick the right one? You finish reading this article, that’s how! Choose the feeling you want the beer to evoke and you’re off on a liquid vacation!

By:|February 3, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Happy Black History Month from Morgan Freeman

I will do whatever Morgan Freeman says. From now on he's just Morgan Freeman and I'm Mike Wallace.

By:|February 3, 2012


Holy Taco Explains The Super Bowl [Video]

By:|February 2, 2012


6 Ways To Celebrate Groundhogs Day

Our friends at Smosh whipped up this nice little list -- 6 Ways to Celebrate Groundhogs day...which is today, btw.

By:|February 2, 2012

Punxsutawney Phil

We Must Not Allow The Tyrannical Ground Hog To Control Our Weather Patterns!

Fellow lovers of empirical evidence-driven methods of weather prediction, I say we cast aside the shackles of weather predicting rodents and take hold of our own weather destinies by stripping the power from the hands of the weather tyrant known as Punxsutawney Phil and place this power back in to the hands of our Al Rokers and our local wacky weathermen and our large breasted models turned sexy meteorologists! Join me in a crusade against the archaic superstitions of a small town in Pennsylvania and their evil rodent weather lord!

By:|February 2, 2012


GIF Attack!

In the future, when we're all too lazy to go to war, this is how invasions a political coups will be settled. Can't wait.

By:|February 2, 2012


25 Awesome Novelty Lighters

When you need to start a fire to make s'mores, you could use matches or the power of lightning if that's at your disposal, but you'll make more of an impression on the local cavemen if you make fire with one of these. Actually, lightning would be more impressive, but these are a close second.

By:|February 2, 2012


25 Reasons Why the Year of the Dragon is Sure to be Awesome

2012 is the Year of the Dragon and with China being the super power it is in the world, we wouldn’t be foolish to expect more fire-breathing monstrosities than ever before. Since we’ll have to endure fantastical flying reptiles that eat people and hoard treasure for the next year or so, Holy Taco staffers took it upon themselves to research the topic and come up with some reasons why you should be stoked about the year of the dragon.

By:|February 2, 2012


The Morning Jolt: Sh*t People Say During the Superbowl

Our friends over at EgoTV hooked us up with this. With this but with no salsa. Shit.

By:|February 2, 2012


Lana del Rey or Something We Made Up?

We all know Lana del Rey sucks, but our friends at the Huffington Post put together this quiz so you can see if you know the difference between her ridiculous songs or crap they made up.

By:|February 1, 2012

Bumper Sticker

Joke Bumper Stickers To Mess With Your Friends

If you need help deciding which offensive joke bumper sticker you want to buy, Regretful Morning has a gallery up featuring the wide selection of potential fight-starting practical jokes.

By:|February 1, 2012


Best Cosplay Gallery Ever

    Our friends over at Unreality whipped up this cool little gallery.  Soul Caliber's one of the coolest fighter games out there, so without further adieu, here is one epic Soul Caliber Cosplay Gallery.  Enjoy!              

By:|February 1, 2012


Road To The Super Bowl: The New England Patriots

Yesterday I covered the New York Giants’ journey to the Super Bowl and discussed whether or not the gypsy curse they’ve placed on their opponents will still be in effect come this Sunday. Today, I’m going to chronicle the road taken by the New England Patriots, who, like the Giants, are a team split in two halves: one fantastic, and one a farting-while-wearing-a-tuxedo-level of embarrassment. Honestly, neither of these teams deserves to be in the Super Bowl this year. They both just sucked a bit less than everyone else.

By:|February 1, 2012


I’m a Grown Man Dressed As Lady Liberty

Look at me dance, y'all. I need you to see me. I do whatever and say whatever I want, because I've got this Lady Liberty head covering my real head. Get your taxes done here, stupid. Y'all are stupid. I could say that out loud and nobody would know. Nobody would know, because my voice would be drowned out by the honking cars. Keep laughing, jerks. You wear a costume to work too. It's just not as iconic.

By:|February 1, 2012