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Fantasy-Casting the Upcoming “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” Movie

Originality is dead, and "toys" are the new "ideas." Honestly, we probably should have seen this coming the minute they announced a Peeps movie.

By:|May 7, 2014


Sad Video of the Day: Jack Russell’s Great White Plays Arena Show, 25 People Show Up

If you skip to the 8:22 mark, you'll see the camera pan across the "crowd," which consists of about two dozen white folks just standing there with their arm crossed, ready to sprint to an exit if any pyrotechnics go off.

By:|May 7, 2014


16 Photos/GIFs of the Goblin Shark, World’s Most Disgusting Creature

Ladies and gentlemen, gaze upon one of God's mistakes.

By:|May 6, 2014


5 Game of Thrones Theories That Will Change the Way You Watch the Show (and Read the Books)

These conspiracy theories demonstrate just how deep George R.R. Martin's writing goes...or just how crazy his readers are.

By:|May 6, 2014


Viva Mexico! 19 Reasons to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo [In GIFS]

To honor Mexico on the day we believe to be their Independence Day or something, we bring you a gallery of all the reasons you will need to blackout on tequila tonight.

By:|May 5, 2014


Highlight Reel of the Day: This Guy Really, Really Likes to Scare His Wife

You'd think she would see the scares coming after a while, but I guess her nerves are so fried from being married to this jackass that she'd jump at any loud noise or sudden movement at this point.

By:|May 5, 2014


Five Death Penalty Alternatives That Are Vastly Superior to Lethal Injection

The botched execution of rapist-murderer Clayton Lockett on Tuesday begs the question: Are there any better, more badass ways to end the lives of convicted scumbags out there?

By:|May 2, 2014


No Dude, Jesus Did Not Appear to You on a Pancake

I see Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Manson, Frank Zappa, Schneider From One Day at a Time...basically, any creep with facial hair.

By:|May 2, 2014


Six Insane Examples of Racism Caught on Tape (Besides Donald Sterling)

“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro.” Oh man...here it comes.

By:|May 1, 2014


The 15 Worst Hairstyles In Soccer

They call it "the beautiful game." (LMAO.)

By:|April 30, 2014

ketchup bottle

Scientists Are Close to Figuring Out How to Pour Ketchup From a Glass Bottle [VIDEO]

"Ketchup is a pretty unusual substance. It behaves both like a solid and a liquid, depending on how you shake that bottle. That's because there are two types of fluid: Newtonian and non-Newtonian."

By:|April 29, 2014


The Five Nastiest Prison Riots Ever

Who says murderers, thieves and rapists can’t start a revolution?

By:|April 29, 2014


25 Photos of Alissa Bourne — Model, Actress, Blonde Bombshell

"I've never been in love, but lust and I are pretty well acquainted."

By:|April 28, 2014


Snoop Dogg’s Video Rebuttal to Donald Sterling, aka ‘The [Expletive] That Own the Clippers’

"B*tch-ass redneck white-bread chicken-sh*t motherf*cka." [*drops mic*]

By:|April 26, 2014


10 Ways to Get Kicked Out of Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is the world's most discriminatory fitness chain, and ironically, the members they discriminate against tend to be the ones who are actually attempting to get in shape.

By:|April 25, 2014


VIDEO: World’s Biggest Douchebag Tosses Porn Star Janice Griffith Off Roof, Breaks Her Foot

TMZ describes Dan Bilzerian as a "millionaire pro poker player" and "Instagram's Biggest Playboy," which makes us hate him already.

By:|April 25, 2014


Gallery: 18 Creepy Elmo Pictures

At a certain point, I'm going to have to explain to my two-year-old that Elmo is not real — he's just a puppet, controlled by an ordinary human man with a taste for male jailbait.

By:|April 24, 2014


Woman’s Bulging Camel Toe Gives Eyewitness Account of Houston Break-In

The camel-toe owner may have wanted to hide her identity, but I'd recognize that thing anywhere. Juanita, baby, it's been too long. Call me.

By:|April 24, 2014


Here’s That Photo of Julia Louis-Dreyfus Banging a Clown That Everybody’s Talking About

Carry on, Julia. Your clown-sex photos are romantic and tasteful.

By:|April 23, 2014


‘Somersault Kissing’ Is Basically China’s Version of Daggering

Teenagers in China care not for the dagger — they have their own high-impact stunt-humping called "somersault kissing," and it's kind of awesome.

By:|April 23, 2014