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Pamela David

Where You’ve Seen Her: Pamela David is too hot for her own good. Apparently, she’s the National Queen of Tourism in her home country of Argentina.  I’m assuming that means she’s the face of Argentina’s tourist slogan: "Our country is politically turbulent and generally unsafe…and full of hot chicks just like this."
Pointless Quote: "I think everyone should take pride in where they’re from."


5 Responses to "Pamela David"

  1. goldlord says:

    im from argentina and if you visit us you´ll find more beatiful girls than this

  2. muff says:

    is that a weener between her tits ?

  3. aPlateOfGrapes.com says:

    Hey now!

  4. H8er says:

    Oh my!! Happy Birthday to me. Thanks Taco.

  5. DonkeyXote says:

    Ouuuuu yeah!!!

Pamela David

Age: She turns 30 today. So, Happy Birthday Boobs! I mean, Pam!

Where you’ve seen her: After winning “National Queen of Tourism” pageant in Argentina, Pamela David went on to act in a bunch of Argentinian TV shows that you’ve probably never heard of.

MILF Status: Pam gave birth to a tiny little human named Felipe on January 27th.