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Paola Corvea Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Paola Corvea has a really nice ass.  That said, she’s a model who’s posed for Playboy…and numerous other magazines.  She’s no household name quite yet, though that ass alone deserves some more recognition.
Pointless Quote: "Shake it, baby!"


10 Responses to "Paola Corvea Pictures"

  1. MOWREZ says:

    Holy ass!

  2. Mateus says:

    Why only one ass picture?

    And a airbrushed one?

    Cmon, we wanna see the real deal!

  3. Inferno's Light says:

    Actually, I’m good with seeing an airbrushed ass.

  4. BlackZepellin says:

    Another example of unnecessary silicone.

  5. TD says:

    Airbrushed ass, non-airbrushed ass, holy ass….oh which one can it be…are there others? What a delima, we really need that calm, cool headed and sensative Philosopher to arrive on the scene and give us a true 2nd grade perspective and get this run away train under control…..where is that warrior?

  6. Confused says:

    Dude, what the fuck are you talking about?

  7. hot damn says:

    that… is… a gorgeous ass

  8. pratik says:

    The Colombia Football Federation is pretty awesome.

  9. Nice curves for sure.

  10. furiousgeorge says:

    You say she has a great ass but only show one pic of said gorgeous ass. For shame