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Parenting Tip: Don’t Put Your Baby In Dryer

Becoming a parent is one of the scariest things you can ever do in your life. You have so many questions, but nowhere to find the answers. Do you take it to the doctor whenever it has a fever? How often should you feed it? How long do you keep it in the dryer? All these are standard questions any new parent would want to ask. Luckily, the lads over at c00lstuff.com have put together an easy to read (well, it’s mostly pictures) guide to what to do and, more importantly, what not to do with your newborn infant.

See tons more of these hilariously helpful parenting tips at c00lstuff.com.

3 Responses to "Parenting Tip: Don’t Put Your Baby In Dryer"

  1. pooja says:

    hey nice post….. good parenting blog too gives tips and tricks on parenting issues…:)

  2. pooja says:

    true…parents are best teachers….:)….Parenting process helps evolve a person, as a child, as a parent and above all as a human being…

  3. Before my daughter was born a year ago, my wife bought me that same book! Very funny stuff.