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Parents Group Hates Some Gossip Girl

Have you ever been walking past your television, when suddenly it turns itself on and forces you to sit in front of it and watch what’s on it? That happened to me once, but I had done some acid and the television had some pertinent information on the whereabouts of a ship it had built for me when the apocalypse came. Other than that, it’s never happened.  And that’s because if you don’t like something on television, you don’t have to f-ing watch it. Yet people insist otherwise. Usmagazine.com reports:

The Parents Television Council has slammed new promo posters for the CW show Gossip Girl, which show a topless Leighton Meester making out and Chace Crawford in bed with an older woman.

“I think it reeks of desperation, if they have to position themselves as so edgy and so controversial that they’ve been called out by us,” Melissa Henson, PTC director of communications, told the Associated Press.

I think when the Parents Television Council released this statement, a CW executive said “Holy Shit, someone watches our network?”

I’ve never seen an episode of Gossip Girl, nor will I ever unless I’m in jail and the guy whose bitch I am says we should, in which case I will because he provides me with protection and a feeling of belonging.  I really love it when groups are formed to make sure kids don’t see anything on television that will damage them, meanwhile kids are shitting in glass jars, sealing the jars, and then opening the jars a couple days later and sniffing the methane that’s built up in that time, to get high.  That’s right, kids are sniffing jars of their own shit, people.  I think seeing a show where it’s implied someone gave someone else a BJ maybe isn’t such a big deal.

In fact, I think Gossip Girl could take a lesson from the above in order to get kid’s attention, because today’s kids need to be shocked otherwise they don’t care.  Something like this would have worked:

4 Responses to "Parents Group Hates Some Gossip Girl"

  1. Pratik says:

    So it’s okay to show gratuitous violence on TV, but showing two people making out or in the same bed is obscene? Okay then.

  2. James S. says:

    GO COUNCIL GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kazelkeg says:

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  4. Kazeldhj says:

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