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Paris Hilton and K-Fed: Team Stupid

I’ve seen a lot of amazing pairings in my lifetime; Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, mint ice cream with chocolate chips, Daryl Hall and John Oates (Go F yourself, they kick ass). But this New Years, we have been blessed with a new pairing, according to people.com:

The unlikely duo of Kevin Federline and Paris Hilton caused heads to turn in Las Vegas over the pre-New Year’s weekend.

On Sunday, the duo partied together for the second night running. A source close to Federline told PEOPLE that the two hung out in Hilton’s room Saturday after leaving the club.

I know exactly how this meeting went down because I recently brought my dog over to somebody’s house who also has a dog. They just sort of smell each other for a second, then one of them takes a shit and they start humping.

Just in case you’d like to know what these two Mensa members talked about, I have a transcript:

K-FED: I like your room. It has a lot of shiny things in it.

PARIS: Yeah. I asked for a room with shiny things.

K-FED: That’s a good idea! I should do that. My room always has some shiny things, but not lots. Hey, do you have a place for me to make poop?

PARIS: Duh, of course. Hold on, I’ll get my assistant to bring you a trash bag.

2 Responses to "Paris Hilton and K-Fed: Team Stupid"

  1. CB says:

    That’s hot…

  2. AngelleeSEXY says:

    they make a hot couple if you like trash in your hotel room