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Parma State of Mind

Rap parodies done by white people usually suck, that’s why we were suprised to find this pearl in the sea of crap that is youtube. The chick in the video is kind of hot, too. Which is nice.
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Road To The Oscars (ScreenJunkies)
The Mustache March is Near (BroBible)
India Reynolds is Way Hot (TotallyCrap)
Sci Fi is Here (Cracked)
Super Mario Galaxy Review (G4TV)
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The Thundercats Cake (Walyou)

11 Responses to "Parma State of Mind"

  1. DonkeyBlowMe says:

    no it doesn’t! you’re the one that sucks Donkey’s balls, you suck all the juice out and then ask for seconds and thirds.

  2. nerd says:

    And yet, it still sucks. Almost got me with that one Taco

  3. nerd says:

    aww, someone didn’t get his juice box today.

  4. DonkeyXote says:

    hahaha juice box.

    $10 says that in a couple of day’s that fuckwit will probably recycle that line as one of his own to appear humorous and comical.

    Mark my words…

  5. DonkeyXote says:

    $10 says that in about a day or so I comment on my family giving me mexican bible studies everyday, then come back about an hour later claiming that some fuckwit copied my name and wrote those comments, when we all know that in reality it was just me desperately asking for help with my pathetic life and hoping people forget that I am truly philosopher!

  6. DonkeyXote, says:

    Oh, and I’ll also probably mention something about Heavy Fucking Metal music or something about IQ and room temps. Then I’ll through in a psychological disorder for good measure.

    I am truly a Fuckwit!

  7. Bucket Headed Monkey says:

    That was more weird than that time I tried asking a black woman to sit at the back of the bus.

    Me: Excuse me ma’am but this is where white people sit, would you please be so kind to move the back of the bus, all the way back with the negroes eating watermelon and purple Kool-aid?

    Black Woman: ok

  8. Rosa Parks says:

    Yous is one lieing ass cracka…
    I sat my old ass down and mad dogged your lily white ass..Sorry ass whiteboy shit his drawers

    Besides I like RED kool-aid honky muthafucker

  9. DonkeyXote, says:

    wtf is up with that chick’s dancing or whatever she’s trying to do? it looks like shes having a seizure in her diaphragm

  10. DonkeyBlowMe™© says:

    Forest Hills State of Mind is better…and has Rachel Dratch playing a tiny piano if you’re into that sort of stuff

  11. BearRustler says:

    I reserve judgement on a lady who is 95% covered in Parka and shot tastefully in Black and White.

    Why pick on ‘The Ghost’?