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Pearl Necklace


22 Responses to "Pearl Necklace"

  1. Grundle King says:

    …and now my keyboard’s dirty.

  2. DonkeyXote's mother says:

    she has a penis…it tastes good.

  3. DonkeyXote says:

    I spy with my little eye a camel toe…

    and by the way, HT should do a list of 25 famous – or infamous – camel toes.

  4. DonkeyXote says:

    Oh noes!!!!

    Is that comment meant to make me shit my pants in fear, or is it for your own morale?

    Why don’t you get a hobbie instead, you gimpy little bitch!

  5. *Person* says:

    Wow am I really the first person to comment on this. I feel like a loser now…(cuz I hate those people who go “first” on every one”

  6. *Person* says:

    woops there were just so many typos in that sentence…

  7. Jasus says:

    who is she?

  8. holy cripes says:

    Hey, thats my wife!

  9. the klam says:

    Lindsay Marie

  10. Mr. Beaner says:

    Ohh Wee, this chick is hot!!

  11. tlester4130 says:

    bet you all $100 she is a pornstar….

  12. The Observer says:

    That would explain that glob of white gunk in her ear.

  13. tlester4130 says:

    quite the observation….

  14. larbeau says:

    who’s looking at her ear?

  15. tlester4130 says:

    hahaha the google ads in the corner is selling pearl neklaces!!! lol…

  16. office jerk says:

    i must fail, it’s trying to sell me office phones and a career in medical billing.

  17. pratik says:

    Pearl bracelets too… that guy must’ve been busy.

  18. Anonymousy says:

    Its not a pearl necklace though is it – dont even resemble pearls – title fail.

  19. office jerk says:

    yeah what’s up with that holy taco! i looked up “pearl necklace” on the interwebs, and it was just some girl with vanilla custard on her face, i guess there are more idiots like HT out there that don’t know what pearls look like!

  20. Billy says:

    She is my plumber, she comes over once a week and cleans out my pipes

  21. AnnBoner says:

    Fake tits, fake hair, fake nails and smoothed in photoshop. Fuck that shit. She looks like a whore.

  22. dildozer says:

    You’re right. I would fuck that shit!