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Getting Arrested Is Always Funnier In Costume

Awesome things can happen when you put on a costume and leave your house (for example, you can get free candy). But beware this Halloween because, as we all know, some bad things can happen as well. Whether you’re protesting the UN, or setting your friend’s Halloween party on fire because you’ve had 15 Heinekens and it seems like a good idea, somehow the cops show up more often than not when people are wearing funny outfits. Here’s proof.

5 Responses to "Getting Arrested Is Always Funnier In Costume"

  1. Ric says:

    I got arrested wearing a prisoner costume. Epitome of irony.

  2. Charles in charge says:

    No dude. It would be ironic if you got arrested while wearing a police officer costume.
    Getting arrested while wearing a prisoner costume is just a coincidence.

  3. Joey says:

    I can finally do that. Im so happy. I love holytaco more then I love titties.

    Ofay, not that much!

    YAY For college and drinking!
    What was the qeustttionn?/

  4. Alex says:

    A lot of polar bears and clowns getting arrested. Can you just imagine the holding cell…

  5. Joey has been had says:

    Umm….Joey sorry to say but dude you been pwned.
    only two entries before mine and yours was SECOND./
    I think you might be waiting a real long time at this rate.