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People Will Buy This

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19 Responses to "People Will Buy This"

  1. philosopher says:

    if you want to see poop, uncensored i’ll send you my special, one guy one cup video.

  2. So LOL says:

    Because it resembles Amy Whinehouse’s face.
    Oh & I saw this on DJ & The Fro I think

  3. Shizzire says:

    Philosopher, would that be the video of you eating crap?

  4. Steve says:

    why is the poop censored?

  5. Mudbutt says:

    Are you going to post this on everything? If so, fuck you in advance.

  6. morgan freemans napy hair says:

    honestly,,,,,,i fucking miss you philosopher, and if anyone else disagrees you either havent actively been part of the arguments or just dont care…what is holy taco without our banter??..no one comes hear for the posts anymore, they come here for US..

    “i dont wanna kill you! what would i do without u? go back to ripping off mob dealers on cracked.com?..no..no..noo….no, you..you COMPLETE ME (heath ledgers joker voice).

    …lets save Holytaco…one picture comment at a time

  7. inmyhandpoop says:


  8. handinmypoop says:

    so do I

  9. poopinmyhand says:

    I like Poop

  10. Dspayre says:

    People will buy this???
    Well no self respecting dogs going to shell out for it, are they?

  11. Miss Anonymous says:

    I need to get one of those for myself.

  12. Steve says:

    I need one if these for the kids.

  13. the new guy who hates the philosopher says:

    philosopher is a gay sex addict

  14. i'm a gay sex addict says:

    yes, yes he is

  15. sexstripnakedcam says:

    this is a good idea.gentleman clean up dog faeces is not a nice pic.


  16. philosobitch says:

    Philosopher uses one of those… First!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Nope, he’s got diapers.

  18. philosopher says:

    that seems both cruel, and hilarious

  19. philosoraptor says:

    you seem both stupid, and completely devoid of any social skills whatsoever