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Pet Sex and You

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If the title of this terrifies you, it should, it’s a terrifying subject. But more importantly, it’s an important subject. Your pet tells the entire world what kind of sexer you are. Thought we were going in a different direction? Well you’re just a sickie, aren’t you?

Using highly smart and deeply smarter methods, scienticians have developed a method of gauging one’s sexual prowess based entirely upon the pet they possess. Multiple pet owners are, of course, deranged and unstable and should not be trifled with. Go get a pencil and paper and use the chart to see where you fit in.

pet sex chart

4 Responses to "Pet Sex and You"

  1. JIm Dean says:

    ROTFL, thats just too funny dude. Seriously.


  2. k2 incense says:

    Nice! Im digging this!