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The Phillies Taser Guy Meme

A few days ago, a news story broke about a Phillies fan who was mercilessly tasered after jumping onto the field during a baseball game. A photo of the incident (below) has been going around the internet faster than herpes at summer camp, and it’s ripe to become a glorified internet meme. We’re getting the ball rolling by creating this handful of Phillies Taser Guy pics. Think you can do better? Email your Phillies Taser Guy pic and we’ll add it to the gallery!

Do you know a girl who will totally have sex with you if you can prove that you’ve had your work published on a shitty internet site for no pay? Email your own Phillies Taser Guy pic to feedback@holytaco.com and we’ll add it to this gallery, then you can finally get your bone on!
- Submitted by Chris
-Submitted by Rich
-Submitted by Bill
-Submitted by George
Submitted by Aaron
Submitted by Christopher
Submitted by Daniel
Submitted by Joao
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Submitted by Kane

21 Responses to "The Phillies Taser Guy Meme"

  1. viktor says:

    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Machete from Planet Terror!! Fuck Yea! Machete will obliterate her.

  2. Beardy says:

    I think its safe to say that the pedo bear and old man herbert/justin bieber ones pwnd the rest…

  3. DonkeyXote says:

    Where’s the one of me chasing Nic Cage?

  4. Paddy O'Mick says:

    Scorpion wins!!!! though Mr met was close.

    They still dont beat pedo bear. This is the internet nothing beats pedo bear.

  5. DonkeyXote says:

    I see none of you fuckwits have realized where I am in this collection of pictures.

    My pedo bear disguise has worked perfectly for years now!

  6. PuckJew says:

    That is because you are a fucking moron.

  7. office jerk, says:

    or maybe because he’s straight. not all of us can be wrapped up in masturbating while counting justin beiber’s every heartbeat.

  8. JustGil says:


  9. Finnegan says:

    Obviously Justin Biebers grandpa was too young to have served in WWII.
    Otherwise he would know who, what or where Germany is…

  10. How many spins? says:

    I dont understand the beiber one?

  11. Ed says:

    Where’s the one of Donkey chasing Dwight of Phil chasing cocks?

  12. Ed says:

    ^ or

  13. Duh says:

    ^Oral. As in fixation. As in Ed.

  14. Jo Diggs says:

    OMGosh no way dude thats amazing. Well done.


  15. Ann T Christ says:

    A taser gun is a quick and cheap way to burn of those unsightly anal warts (AM I right Donkeyxote) I swear by it..And also Did ya miss me YA HOMOS?

  16. pratik says:

    How about Kanye West chasing a video of himself masturbating?

  17. decibel3276 says:

    The Ben Roethlisberger pic is EPIC.

  18. schmittsGay says:

    I cant imagine what happens if Christie Alley catches that burger. would she wait for side dishes or would she jump right in?

  19. Captain Obvious says:

    The most amazing part of this story is that the security guard was able to bring his fat ass close enough to effectively use his taser. …i hate rent-a-cops. and regular cops too.
    by the way, first, bitches.

  20. Gainer says: