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8 Pictures of Mel Gibson Keeping the Black Man Down

As you probably already know, Mel Gibson hates you.  If you’re black or a Jew that shoulld be obvious but probably if you’re Irish, Native American, Aboriginal Australian, Maori, Japanese, Swiss, Norwegian or Yeti there’s a good chance he’s two drinks away from blaming you for high property taxes and Chlamydia. 

If you need further proof, check out these extremely genuine photos found exclusively at this comedy website.  We scooped CNN!


13 Responses to "8 Pictures of Mel Gibson Keeping the Black Man Down"

  1. elad says:

    since when did opposing the government racist>

    when mel gibson does it

  2. Steve says:

    He told his wife “I hope you get raped by a pack of niggers.”

  3. Dr Spawk says:

    His xwife was jewish. Many black actors vouch for him. Hes not racist. He is simply a dumb drunk who runs his mouth.

  4. Anonymouss says:

    Either way, them pics be funny.

  5. Ian Fortey says:
    Sorry, pics don’t lie.
  6. let's make butt babies says:

    so true. if its in the picks…

  7. Harry Reid (D) Nevada says:

    Does he hate people that speak in a Negro Dialect? Because if he does he can always run for the Senate and become third in line for the Presidency like Robert Byrd,(D) West Virginia, was!

  8. Riggs says:

    You wanna jump ? Lets Jump !!

  9. Danny Glover says:

    Im too old for his shit.

  10. Capt Awesomo says:


  11. Dr POoPenHEiNZ says:


  12. frat bro says:

    sloppy seconds…. yesssssssssss

  13. Kris Kuhn says:

    I would have put his face on the dog but the punch one is classic.