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The Plumber’s Crack – A Gallery

Whether you prefer calling it a plumber’s crack or a coin slot, one thing is for certain: It’s always awesome when  it’s happening to hot chicks instead of mechanics and repair men. Call us crazy, but we prefer seeing a butt crack without hair tangled in it.


30 Responses to "The Plumber’s Crack – A Gallery"

  1. big black cock says:

    Fuck off fag i’ll put my 21inch cock up your mums ass show you how to fuck a whore

  2. TRAX says:

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  3. big black cock says:

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  4. Anonymous Otter says:

    any one want to see my dick seed on some buckwheat?

  5. Officer Phil says:

    Yes it does

  6. Phil O'Sopher says:

    Happy Halloween?

  7. Phil Osafur says:

    Your name sucks.

  8. Sophious Phil says:

    This doesnt make any sense at all infact i dont even know why i did this however your sister probably lost her virginity when she was 13.

  9. philosiphuck says:

    hahahahah epic name. its like philosopher backwards. genious

  10. philosopher says:

    the nineteenth one is the hottest

  11. philosopher's mom says:

    thats your sister stupid!
    and never ever take pictures of her like that!!!!

    this is the LAST time im telling you this ok?
    go back to your room and play with the new balls i bought you from waamart

  12. philosophers wife says:

    philosopher is the best. y’all shud b his bitch liek me. philosopher i is coming to suc ur cock. my sis and mom say hi. and take care of our daughter. i’ve bought a new titless and assless costume for her.

  13. sexual says:

    I’d stick my finger there and then smell it.

  14. dez says:

    Fuck off cock sucker

  15. dez says:

    tell him dez sexual ur a fuck head i slit your throat fag then i’ll fuck your mum’s pussy then blow down the whores throat

  16. taz says:

    yeah ill come down her throat too

  17. cash says:

    Yeah dez you come down the ho’s throat taz u cum in her pussy
    i’ll spray my load down sexuals whore mums ass

  18. big black cock says:

    hey i want in i’ll jam my 21 inch black slug up her fish stench clit and i’ll fuck her till she bleeds whore sexual fuck u homo

  19. tonighttheyfly says:

    For some reason I believe you would do that big black cock…

  20. If you look up "butterface" in the dictionary ... says:

    … you get a pic of the 3rd from the bottom chick. See also: “boner melter.”

  21. The Douchealist says:

    right… good luck at getting laid. I have no doubt you’ll need it.

  22. The Douchealist says:

    Not saying she is attractive, but I would hit it. What the fuck were paper bags made for anyways?

  23. Cute Ass says:

    I wish I could get a larger view.

  24. NassT says:

    I doubt any of them have ever fixed a pipe let alone get a job in plumbing. especially the last one, she couldnt even fit under a sink.

  25. Stoopid Monkey says:

    I bet they all have plenty of pipe job experience.

  26. The Nudge says:

    Ummmm, philosopher, you really counted the pictures? Thanks for the info

    we thought 26, 37, 85, 14 and 57 were mildly good. whereas, pictures 34, 56, 18 and 192 were better than average and…..

    Beatbythenudge.com-we don’t have that problem, we couldn’t get out of the third grade.

    Sports, Girls and Non-Counting readers

  27. crsfc says:

    I’d hit it.

  28. Rick says:

    Could have done without the 7th pic of the two gross butch dykes.

  29. SayNoToDykeCrack says:

    I’m glad someone else besides me picked up on the fact that the 7th picture is total diesel dyke heaven.

  30. pratik says:

    Kids, remember to say no to crack

    …unless it’s in this gallery.