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PopHangover Presents: The Funniest Resume Fails Ever

April 2, 2014 | 8:00 am

Putting together a resume is never easy. Ideally you want to summarize your experience, relevant skills, and the kind of job you’re looking for, while avoiding any mentions of, say, your allegiance to the Third Reich. Indeed, it can be a delicate balancing act.

In honor of the latest episode of “Not Your Best Day” — in which our hot mess hero Georgie scores a sweet job interview and totally NAILS IT (not really) — our buds at PopHangover.com have organized 20 of the worst resume fails of all time. Check out five of our favorite examples above, and see the rest on PopHangover.


Discussion question: What was your worst job interview experience ever? Did it involve bodily fluids?

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