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Prepare to be Hypnotized

This is Pedro.  He’s got a bunch of videos on youtube.  Forget for a moment that he’s singing along to a Mariah Carey song (he only sings along to Mariah Carey songs), and try to also forget that he doesn’t know any of the words and can’t really sing well.  This guy is amazing.  He’s more agile with just his arms than I am with twice the amount of working limbs, and that’s pretty awesome.  Okay, now you can focus again on the fact that he’s trying to sing a Mariah Carey song that he doesn’t know the words to, and he’s a terrible singer.  Still, you just can’t look away.
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  1. M. Bison says:

    I thought I beat the shit out of that Dhalsim fag in the World Warriors Tournament. WTF!

    Yoga Flame my ball sack