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Presidents vs. Pirates

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38 Responses to "Presidents vs. Pirates"

  1. rednekkid says:

    what is right wing compared to pig balls?

  2. Edwordrules says:

    But whats hotter, First Ladies or Pirate wenches?

  3. jemis says:

    Oh so sorry matt the correct answer is: butt pirates, butt pirates are gay.

  4. Socks & Sandals says:

    how do you kill 0.5 of a pirate?

  5. Anonymous As Well says:

    And so is Paul.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I guess it’s when two people kill him, they each get credit for half the kill. Kinda like sacks in football.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Right, cuz you know, if the Republicans controlled the Executive and Legislative wings of government, they’d be clamoring for a Democratic comeback, because THEY know one party rule is bad.

    And wingnuts don’t give a shit about accountability, unless it’s chasing after Democrats. They’re all about accountability when it makes them look good; if the Democrats try to hold wingnuts accountable, it’s just “partisan politics as usual.”

  8. Muthafuckin Vet says:

    Swine flu*** you fucking troglodyte

  9. David K. says:

    Love this. And not just the funny chart, it’s always great to read the ramblings of the crazy right wingers who shrunk the republican party into nothing.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, I almost missed that.

  12. C. Norris says:

    It was once said that “A Black Man would be Presidaent when pigs fly.” 100 Days into Obama’s presidency and now we have the “Pig Flew”.

  13. booersn says:

    do you really think it was an executive order?

  14. Anonymouse says:

    Stomp on him?

  15. matt says:

    pirates are gay.

  16. matt says:

    also, who gives a fuck.

  17. Thatguypete says:

    Q: How did Captain Hook die?
    A: From a raging case of jock itch…

  18. I think I'm going to get sick says:

    fuck pirate – I’m not worried about them – let see how many raghead terrorists he kills.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I know, right? It’s the fraction of the Republican party that is pushing them towards irrelevance at a rapid pace. I welcome all the vitriol, and hope they continue to stand behind the Michelle Bachmann and newt Gingrich types.

  20. Anomynous says:

    ^^ Anybody wanna get a pool going on how many generations inbred this guy’s family is? I say it’s gotta be at least six.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Extreme or not, Obama is f*ing up this county real bad. What are the chances the stupid masses can be rallied to vote Dem in up coming elections without Bush hate to motivate them? Obama won’t keep his power, but the damage is already done.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Actually, you might want to take some reading classes, the graph starts with McKinley, President of the United States of America from 1897-1901. This was many year after the Barbary Wars.

    I have included a link so that I can be cool as you:

    p.s. fucktard

  23. dt says:

    Perhaps you should actually look at what you link, when trying to prove a point. It states in there that the war was fought between the US and the north African states known collectively as the Barbary States. Granted, they were originally started by pirates, but that’s like saying we’re all puritans because that’s who founded this nation.

  24. Eponymous says:

    you first, genius

  25. Pierre says:

    whatever fucktard made that chart may wanna re-take some history classes.


  26. iheartcoffee says:


  27. Anonymous says:

    Barry O didn’t do a damn thing. Hell, he never even knew about it until days later.

  28. MKO says:

    Thomas Jefferson killed a shit ton of pirates…

  29. Anonymous says:

    yeah, he murdered three black africans

  30. Anonymous says:

    more commonly known as blafricans

  31. MAnco says:

    Tell me how you really feel?

  32. Exile says:

    That Commie Douchebag is a Navy Seal now? If that retarded teleprompter jockey was face to face with a pirate, he’d apologize and give him some bailout cash.

    Fuck Obama, Fuck his ugly wife, Fuck Biden and Specter, and I hope a school bus backs over that fucking dog.

  33. Eponymous says:

    the sad, sad wailing of the irrelevant extremist keyboard warrior will never cease to bring a bright smile to my face.

  34. Anonymous As Well says:

    Don’t forget his nappy headed kids…

  35. Dspayre says:

    Cue NBA JAM voiceover…..”He’s On FIRE!”

  36. John says:

    wheres the graph that shows his quadrupling of the deficit??????