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Princess Beatrice and Her 7 Run-ins with Monsters

If you watched the Royal Wedding last week you are absolutely not reading this website.  For those who are reading, there was a wedding last week for a Prince over in England or some such. The reason you didn’t watch is because that wedding is as relevant to you as the wedding of a plumber you’ve never met in Butte, Montana.  But that aside, one of the guests at this wedding was the daughter of Sarah Ferguson, the Princess Beatrice.  For whatever reason, as you can see above, Beatrice felt it was necessary to attend the wedding dressed as a Bratz Doll having her head consumed by Cthulhu.  This seemed odd.  With a little digging, we discovered this was not Beatrice’s first flirtation with monsterism. In fact, that crazy blue blood is all over this shit.  No lie.

The Wolf (wo)Man

beatrice the wolf

Mrs. Hyde

mrs hyde beatrice


beatrice zombie



Jason Voorhees

8 Responses to "Princess Beatrice and Her 7 Run-ins with Monsters"

  1. Myles Long says:

    This is some of the weakest shit I’ve seen on this site, it would be funny if we knew this hottie. Please tell me an intern did this? At least make fun of the girl behind her sitting in the blue dress that looks like she is trying not to shart.

    • Ian Fortey says:

      If you hadn’t used the word “hottie” in a sentence I might have been able to retain any of what you said. Unfortunately you bro’d your way into white noise.

  2. Blah says:

    The first one made me laugh, a lot!

  3. Krinkov says:

    Pretty sure that hat in the first pic is the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  4. DonkeyXote says:

    She’s a cutie!! Check out her big puppy eyes. O.O


  5. DonkeyXote says: