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Probably the 10 Best Cat Photos on the Internet

The internet is about 30% cat photos.  Porn is only another 30%, 10% is legit websites and the remainder is people bitching about anything and everything.  Of the cat part, there’s a hell of a lot of pictures that are pretty unremarkable.  Seems like every cat under the sun gets posted online and, let’s be honest, most cats are pretty dull shit.  Most, but not all.  In honor of the internet’s fascination with cats here are 10 of the most awesome cats you’ll see o the internet, in one convenient location for you.


What the hell is happening here?  No time to answer because it’s awesome as shit.  And mildly terrifying.  And awesome!


This is a bald cat that seems to have titties and I have less than nothing bad to say about that because it makes me laugh every time I see it.  Look at those saggy things!  This is probably exactly what my grandma looks like when she’s home alone and relaxing.


It’s not hard to find a picture of an obese cat these days as most pet owners seem to be too inept to even properly feed an animal so we have an abundance of these little fatties around, but the look on this fat cat’s face makes him awesome.  It’s like even he doesn’t know how he got so fat.  Also it seems like he may have diabeetus.


In case you couldn’t tell, that’s a knit mushroom.  Someone was all “wonder what a cat would look like dressed as a mushroom.  Better knit a costume.”  And then they followed through.


Laser cat has to wear goggles to conduct his experiments.  That’s the kind of thing you’d say on your Tumblr about cats when you posted this pic.  I just think it’s bad ass that this cat looks like he’s being readied for travel through time.


Speaking of bad ass science cats, this appears to be a cat and a rat walking on the ceiling for science.  Likely there were dozens of Nobel Prize-worthy reasons for this.


If you turn your cat into a superhero with the addition of nothing more than some bags from the supermarket, that’s pretty awesome.  This is how all cats should dress, aside from the ones in time travel goggles.


There’s something endlessly charming about a cat that looks like nothing more that uncomfortably surprised hair.  I feel like this is what Donald Trump’s head looks like every time he disrobes to bathe.


This is a pretty great photo of a cat.


H0ly shit, dude.  It’s true

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