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10 Protest Signs if the Ground Zero Mosque Wasn’t an Issue

Everyone’s panties are in a bunch over the proposed mosque (which isn’t a mosque) being built at the site of the World trade Center (which is a couple blocks from the actual site) so that means it’s time to break out the markers and make protest signs.  But suppose the mosque was never an issue, what would all the dimwits be doing with their Sharpies and poster paper?


10 Responses to "10 Protest Signs if the Ground Zero Mosque Wasn’t an Issue"

  1. dat dude says:

    dat laST 1 is break media’s CEO. ;)

  2. Ontopoyamama says:

    Wasn’t this a comedy site at one point?

  3. Ian Fortey says:
  4. Ontopoyamama says:

    So bring the funny..this was just stupid!

  5. Ian Fortey says:
    It was?  Shit, I’m going to lose sleep over that.  Send your mom over.
  6. Mexican Jesus says:

    That was good. I often wondered what this site would be like after it turned pro gay. . . .

  7. You got me with the Benson sign.

  8. Ralphieann says:

    Yeah…not a mosque…right….(eye roll)

  9. spike dawg says:

    Totally Photoshopped. Yaz gots to change the font so the signs don’t all look the same. Good idea, though, just failed to close the deal.

  10. spike dawg says:

    Scratch my post. I didn’t read the copy. My bad. :(