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Pure Dee

Since I can find no information on Pure Dee, I’m going to go ahead and let her “About Me” page do the work today. According to PureDee.com:

Name: Dee
Hobbies: Working out, painting & being outside
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Book: The Other Boleyn Girl (Philippa Gregory)
Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld & The Simpsons
Favorite Lingerie: Garter Belt & leggings
Favorite Music: 80′s all the way!
Favorite Food: Japanese (yum, yum)

Pointless quote (assuming she wrote her own “About Me” page: “All I can say is that I’m a young, fun, crazy Canadian girl that loves to have a great time. I love taking good care of myself (that includes the gym, spa, tanning), not just for myself, but to look great for all of you! I’m a people person and love getting to know people from all walks of life (boys are lots of fun, though, I have to say!).”

30 Responses to "Pure Dee"

  1. Mr. Balls says:

    She looks damn fine o me. Talk about a perfect set of breasts…

  2. blah says:

    Shitty old site long gone.

  3. Anonymous Jebus says:

    Ohh my Jug Tasticus

  4. oliver_sudden says:

    I’d love to sexually disappoint her sometime.

  5. DC says:

    Sorry, but if you do a Google image search of this chick, you will see she’s got a nasty set of implants. They might look decent with her top on, but the real deal is pretty gross, scars and all. No thanks. It’s too bad, cuz otherwise she’s smokin.’


  6. zero says:

    Dude she’s Canadian? That’s so fucking hot.

  7. cunty cuntall says:

    Who cares about a bad tit job…it beats wankin’ DC…. but then again it sounds like you are a habitual wanker anyway !!

  8. truthful says:

    Yea, she’s got a nice body and her tits look great when they’re covered.. but take one look at them uncovered and not pressed together and you’ll be back with Brandi Belle.

  9. Triona says:

    Woman alert.

    Im not gonna rag on you guys for being sexist or objectifying her or anything like that, cos she is very hot. But I’ll just say that promiscuous girls have a really surprisingly high incidence of childhood abuse or neglect. Behind that blond, vapid, plastic exterior there could be a very hurt little girl who’s been made to think she’s only as good as she looks.

  10. sleff says:

    Holy Taco is right!

  11. foxymoron says:

    She has a sweet face… fake tits are icky in my opinion. I’d let her go down on me though. She may want to look into getting her asshole bleached. I give her ~5 years ’til suicide/AIDS/Drug addiction/Hep C/Scuzzy Porn shorts. Maybe someone will fall in love with her and care about her and she’ll have a better life than inspiring a bunch of closeted virgins to maul themselves.

  12. Pratik says:

    DC, what in the fuck you talkin about?? Check it(NSFW!!!)


  13. diddledee says:

    I got a real kick out of your comment. You sound like a fun guy to know.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’d hurt that.

  15. foreskin says:

    Any pictures with her fanny out?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I don’t really trawl for this sort of material that often. I saw this link from an unrelated blog. This girl is amazing. I think she’s canadian. She pops up (literally) every once in while during my internet browsings and she always makes me stop and say, damn she’s hot.

  17. diddledee says:

    My name is Dee also. I’m 55 and my breasts are as large as hers only they’re real and stand up all on their own.

  18. Anonymous says:

    take that top for some a real orgi to remeber

  19. NEILM says:

    this girl is awesome

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