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Quarterbacks Getting Tackled by Invisible Players

 Football season is over now, and we’re pretty broken up about it.  In thinking about our favorite games, plays, and moments of the last NFL season, we can’t help thinking that the game of football could benefit from a few small changes.  For example: invisible linebackers.  Here’s what that would look like:


15 Responses to "Quarterbacks Getting Tackled by Invisible Players"

  1. The Souless Ginger says:

    Oscar Martinez shouldn’t you be trimming the leaves on that overflowing garden? Keep fucking around on your boss’ computer and I’ll personally turn you in to “La migra”.

    Get to work fucking puto!!

  2. Olala says:

    OMG look at all those hunks!!!! what I wouldn’t do to have all of them pound my booty in a gangbang. Last time I was in one, I felt waves of semen crush the walls of my rectum everytime I shaked my booty.


  3. DonkeyXote's Mom says:

    Maybe I should introduce you to my son, he loves pounding dudes’ assholes. He also enjoys giving and taking mexican bible studies.

  4. Oscar Martinez says:

    ROFL, mexican bible study reference FTW!

  5. jew face says:

    I’m first and i’m an idiot.

  6. tlester4130 says:

    and a jew

  7. Roop says:

    Only ’cause of mom = http://bit.ly/8YhjYG

  8. Anonymousjjj says:


  9. Barn Door says:

    It’s just like Holy Taco being observed by invisible people.

  10. peteargriffonsays says:

    and its just like your dick too…invisible

  11. Jim Beam says:

    Nice. 2nd to last pic is a running back.

  12. Anonaaaaa says:

    this is just dumb, especially how you have a Running back on there, 8th guy down #23 Willis McGahee, a RUNNING BACK for the Ravens, nice fail

  13. justin says:
    Maybe he should stop being in pictures that are so easy to photoshop. Running back fail!
  14. ryru says:

    Why do you have a RB on here? McGahee isn’t a quarterback.

  15. A sooth sayer says:

    This shit was weaker than Tim Tebow’s chances in the NFL.