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Quiet! His Vision Is Based On Educational Songs!

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11 Responses to "Quiet! His Vision Is Based On Educational Songs!"

  1. kodiak says:


  2. kaidok says:

    super man that hoe!!

  3. Dat Nigga says:

    Cheah boy

  4. Walrus Pimp Of The Sea says:

    So Jeff Goldblum finally got caught watching someone poop.

    Watching You Poop

  5. cough/cool says:

    havent they done this one all ready?

  6. nickmare says:

    come on holy taco, this is a REALLY old picture

  7. Jeff Goldblum says:


  8. pratik says:

    So I guess the best thing to do is sing the Jersey Shore theme song (or the closest thing to it). That’ll stop Barney dead in his tracks.

  9. everyone says:

    how old is this photo? this website is seriously running low on good material.

  10. MOUSE says:

    but it’s new to a new generation

  11. PenyWise says:

    Holy Barney !! Run Bitches !!!