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Reader-Submitted Snack Stadiums That Kick Our Snack Stadium’s Ass

Last week, we posted a story entitled Greatest Snack Food Stadium Ever Built, in which we provided our readers with instructions on how to build an awesome snack stadium in preparation for the Super Bowl.  Some of our ridiculously talented readers sent us pictures of their Snack Stadiums (below), and as you can see they are much, much greater than our stadium:
This one is from Kelly, who decided to use Hoho’s (we think), instead of Twinkies like we did, which is a great substitution. 
Here’s another amazing stadium from Shannon at baconsalt.com, who’s stadium totally kicks our stadium’s ass.  Notice the taquito wall, jalepeno popper crowd dividers, and an entire parking lot of various snacks.  Seriously, this thing is astounding:

We also got an email from Marc, who had a competition with his friends to see who could build the sweetest Snack Food Stadium. Their design and progress is well documented at Marc’s website (which even includes a time-lapsed video of the stadium’s construction), and you can vote on who’s stadium is the best. Check out the results:
Our relationship to our readers is similar to Obi Wan’s relation ship to Anakin Skywalker.  We’ll try to teach you everything that we know, and you’ll be way better than us at all of it.  The good news is that you’re gonna get to do it with Natalie Portman. The bad news is that you’re eventually going to kill us and try to take over the galaxy by blowing up entire planets. And to think, it all started with a Snack Stadium.
We’re getting more Snack Stadium pictures, so we’re going to keep posting people’s awesome pictures as they come in:
Here’s one from Michael:
Adam’s got an extremely comprehensive Flickr gallery that really breaks this monumental Snack Stadium down.  Be sure to check it out, because it’s completely awesome.

15 Responses to "Reader-Submitted Snack Stadiums That Kick Our Snack Stadium’s Ass"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had sex with a dog!

  2. Ghey_B0i69 says:


  3. Mordecai Jr. says:

    We also took those delicious pastries, you know the twinkies, and deep friend them along with some Snicker’s bars. Glutony 101

  4. Mordecai says:

    We spent around $100. kosher dogs were a little pricier, but it was worth the irony.

  5. KTFO says:


  6. jkc says:

    the scoreboards are key.

  7. Mordecai says:

    Scoreboards are awesome, I’m stealing that for ours next year.

  8. Marc says:


    I’m one of the builders who participated in the competition that led to the 3rd and 4th stadiums featured (I was one of the builders of the 4th).

    One of the rules we set for our competition was that the total cost of the stadium couldn’t be more than $100. Neither team broke that rule.

  9. rgar says:

    I know this might sound silly and all, but I’m also really interested in how much money was spent to make these stadiums.

    I know that Holy Taco disclosed the price, so kudos to those who made their stadiums without breaking the bank!

  10. Mordecai says:

    Stole that from Holy Taco. Our turf and players are my proudest improvement.

  11. vealchart says:

    Adam’s Twinkie / bacon fence rules all – power to the posse!!

  12. Raudy says:

    My heart still doesn’t work right after partaking in “Hebrew national stadium at Mordecai field”

  13. Josh M says:

    I like the sandwich-stands. Pretty awesome.

  14. Mallory says:

    woo hoo go Marc!

  15. Mordecai Jr. says:

    oops, fried.