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Rebecca Gayheart

Where You’ve Seen Her: Rebecca Gayheart has been a long-time celebrity in B-Movies and TV shows for the past 20 years.  She’s an incredibly gorgeous woman, and as you know now, is one of the players in the celebrity sex tape with Kari Anne Peniche and Eric Dane.  If I’m ever feeling down, and I’m Eric Dane, I can always look back on that.
Pointless Quote: "My beauty routine is basically plenty of sleep and lots of water."


9 Responses to "Rebecca Gayheart"

  1. Ken Traylor says:

    Uhh…yeah, if you like Crack Heads.

  2. Bambi says:

    Her face is not even moderately good looking. Lets call her a butterface and call it a day. Better looking girls are super common.

  3. Gainer says:

    She’s got plastic glue on googly eyes, look how fuckd up they are hah.

  4. Jambalaya says:

    Flat boobs are flat.

  5. None of your business says:

    “Jambalaya Says:
    August 19th, 2009 at 01:18 pm

    Flat boobs are flat.”

    You people are hilarious. If the tits aren’t the size of Montana, you don’t like them.

    Rebecca Gayheart’s tits are gorgeous!

  6. A. Nell Fisher says:

    She’s hot, undoubtedly, but she ran over a little kid with her SUV because she’s really quite an important person and couldn’t be bothered to slow down at a school crossing. Cunt bitch.

  7. Anonymoosex says: