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Rebecca Loos

Where You’ve Seen Her: Rebecca Loos is every man’s dream woman; she’s hot, she’s sexy, and doesn’t need or want you.  She’s done everything from working in investment banking to boning David Beckham.  Best of all, she temporarily married another hot chick a few years go just to smite America’s anti-gay marriage laws.  That’s right, dream woman.
Pointless Quote: "I am indeed bisexual and have been ever since I was a teenager."


38 Responses to "Rebecca Loos"

  1. guest 46 says:

    Did she marry another woman to “smite” America’s anti-gay marriage laws, or to “spite” them. Either way, it really had no impact. And isn’t marrying a European male the same as marrying an American female?

  2. habib says:

    I want to fuck u.

  3. Cristina says:

    I will be the first to admit when another woman is pretty, but not in this case. She has a good body and that is it! NOT an attractive face at all.

  4. ADO says:

    All I can say is to all you guys out there bitching and fighting over whether she is fat or not, if she walked into the room dropped her clothes and said OK who’s first you would all fight to get to her? Am I right? We would all have our way with her given the chance!

  5. yeah! says:

    she may not be perfect but she would be a pig in bed!!!!!! good on ya dave!

  6. fourstr says:

    She has the face of a tranny. Get some standards people bahahahh

  7. fourstr says:

    This is very true..

  8. fourstr says:

    It’s funny how the people calling others faggots are the ones claiming a chick that looks more like the lead singer of A.F.I. than a 8 is actually hott… Bahaahaha!

  9. anen says:

    sure I will eat her taco

  10. from a girl says:

    ok just popping in to say i’m amazed by most of the comments i’ve read here (finding the girl attractive or not is a personal opinion, but ugly girls are different IMHO)
    so classy really, i hope you don’t go around talking about your mothers, sisters or girlfriends this way…

  11. Cheryl says:

    go girl ,,,,you just have to love being on top;)

  12. Homertoeclipper says:

    Just as good looking, as Victoria, but in a different way. I suspect she had more spice and enthusiasm and offered an angle ol ‘Beck wasn’t getting at home.

    She seems to have a bit of hell in here, maybe a bit unstable. But you know what they say: “Crazy in the head – crazy in the bed”.

    Play on!

  13. Homertoeclipper says:

    BTW, I’d hit it like a screen door banging in a hurricane!

  14. Slurpeeman says:


  15. FunkyMunkey says:

    Was that the grip she used to wank that pig?


  16. dfhghjgjga says:

    this board has the most articulate posts that i’ve ever read….

    fwiw, ms. loos is indeed enviably attractive, particularly as a red head. she also appears to have impeccable taste in under garments.

  17. ozzinator_84 says:

    she is alright

  18. LUVBigguns says:

    May not be as pretty as posh but def has better McGuffies, if you what I mean…. (.Y.)

  19. Carlos says:

    I want to eat her ass, I really really want my tongue in her ass.

  20. koko says:

    really now, shes NOT too hot. This explains why she was just a mistress and not a wife. Good body but bad helmet and unclassy. People, there are so many of these girls running around everyone of our hometowns, they are known as the town low life’s. Its amazing what a good photographer and Photoshop retouching will do. Its all about branding and overcoming reality.

  21. Flasherinamack says:

    If you bunch of girlguides knew anything about woman you would know that she is educated (privately schooled)but mot smart, speaks at least 3 languages (Dutch, Spanish, English) has low self esteem (boobjob)and gullible (talked into fapping a pig (wtf?))and experimental – all round perfect girlfriend material….but you better have 8 inches!

  22. ShitHead says:

    Hell yeah, I’d rim her puckered hole and jizz it like no tomorrow.

  23. BeArRuStLeR says:

    posh faced twat/slag.

  24. YoMama says:

    Her fat gut and gross face? You can deny it all you want, but you cannot be a heterosexual male.

  25. dime says:

    nahhh brah not a fag just know what an average overrated chick that is only decent b/c of her tits looks like. but u still bang fat chicks so all is good.

  26. yourmybitchnow says:

    we can pretend im not a dud eand im your fat bitch. eat my cock FAGGOT!!

  27. Chad says:

    Fat gut and gross face? Are you kidding me? She is built just the way a woman should be built! You’re spending too much time checking out those girls in the magazines that weigh 80lbs and are built like 12 year olds! Is that what you are into? 12 year old girls? She’s all woman! Nice tits, nice curves, nice everything!

  28. dime says:

    her gross face and fat gut ruins her only acceptable 2 assets

  29. URAFAG says:

    And by gross you mean you’re a fag?

  30. Jim Bob says:

    just google search her with advanced filter off, and yeah, niceeeeeeeeee

  31. f-sigglin heavy says:

    i can’t believe i was fuckin stupid enough to do that. there was like 1 or 2 actual shots of her tits, and a bunch of handbra pictures. you fucking pussy.

  32. yourmybitchnow says:

    yeah. well.. you are a gay faggot pussy ass bitch on my fat dick wishing for the fat lady to lick ur wide butt hole.

  33. horny now says:

    butterface. but I’d do her from behind. I won’t tell her, but I plan to put it inside her in the ass when she is about to come.

  34. grover says:

    Btw she’s Dutch not British. I’d do her and her hot “wife”

  35. pyrodwarf says:

    its “spite”. She married another chick to spite our gay marriage laws. Also, what chick ISN’T bisexual these days. They might as well just say what it really means- attention whore.

  36. that other guy says:

    rebecca looooooooooooooooooooooos

  37. Tater says:

    Pool Table shot, ftw.

  38. Penn519 says:

    I’ll take it!