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Rebecca Tysnes

Where You’ve Seen Her: Rebecca Tysnes may be a bit fake in some parts, but you cannot deny the fact she is one hot dame.  A Model from Norway, Rebecca models all over Europe and is known for her eyes…among other things.
Pointless Quote: "I’m The Most Beautiful Norweigan Girl Ever!"
See her photos after the jump! 


9 Responses to "Rebecca Tysnes"

  1. LOL says:

    She either has the longest head on the planet, or pic number 4 is a classic example of photo editing gone wrong!!!

  2. Hot says:

    The most sexy and good looking girl on the planet!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Big boobs + absurdly anorexic bodies just don’t work. She needs sandwiches and penis stat.

  4. Anaughtybear says:

    Definitely not the “most beautiful Norweigan girl ever” and it’s spelled Norwegian. She looks like a cheap dumpster slut.

  5. Dom says:

    Pic 4, left side, she kinda looks like Golum. Other than that, I’d get in trouble for the things I would do to her. She’s fucking smokin’

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Pratik says:

    Fake boobs turn me off. But she’s still sexy as hell.

  8. All men says:

    “Fake boobs turn me off”

    You sir…are a faggot.