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Recession-Friendly College Courses

In the near future, people are going to be very, very poor.  We thought it would be good to get a head-start on the recession by offering some college courses that will teach people the survival techniques that they’re undoubtedly going to need:

4 Responses to "Recession-Friendly College Courses"

  1. Chico says:

    You spelled “encounter” wrong. A college that can’t even spell check….awful!

  2. Joe Kerr says:

    I would have totally loved to have taken Insanity Acquisition and Management. Well, the management portion, at any rate.

  3. jergen says:

    Is lock-picking a pre-req for Intermediate Squatting?

  4. Alimmo says:

    I’ll take do it yourself chemotherapy, what’s that involve a broken microwave?

    dumpster diving has etiquette? Well I guess you have to take a course to really get acquainted with..I only what the professors credential are to be teaching that sorta class.

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