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Rednecks and Fireworks: That’s ‘Merica!

There’s nothing more American than people with low IQ’s playing with fireworks. Please enjoy these videos, enjoy your holiday weekend and try and keep your fingers attached.

In some trailer parks, jumping over active fireworks is a rite of passage that symbolizes a young rednecks transition into manhood.

redneck hillbilly jumping fireworks – Watch more Funny Videos

When our own Army crumbles, we can all feel safe knowing that backwoods militias armed with homemade firework canons will be there to defend our right to get wasted at a barbecue.

Powerful 110 Roman Candle Cannon – Watch more Funny Videos

No comment.

Redneck Fireworks Display – Watch more Funny Videos

This one below isn’t exactly SFW because the guy starts dropping F bombs when this bottle rocket lodges itself in his crotch.

Failed Firework Nutshot Explosion – Watch more Funny Videos

If only he’d put this much effort into finishing high school.

The Redneck Rocket Launcher – Watch more Funny Videos

Good Morning.


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