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Rejected Playboy Cartoon Cover Girls

Marge Simpson is going to be featured on the November issue of Playboy Magazine.  It may seem like an obvious choice, but there were a few other cartoon babes that gave her a run for her money.  Here are some of the rejected Playboy cartoon cover girls:


161 Responses to "Rejected Playboy Cartoon Cover Girls"

  1. assburgers disease says:

    She has an innie and an outie

  2. IDGAF says:

    I always wanted to see Teela’s big red frizzy muff and tight asshole.

  3. titty caller says:

    only d bags get off by looking at cartoons including my d bag friend that sent this stupid shit to me what a bunch of virgin fag queens you all are

  4. triad 121 says:

    might wanna quit your bitchin’, because that’s about as good as it gets around here.

  5. scrotal_discomfort says:

    chico ftw

  6. sic says:

    lmfao!! <3 mr./ms.garrison haha!!

  7. -gary- says:

    lol. they should make all of these covers. i would buy them just to have it. haha

  8. Holy moly says:

    Oh dear, just read all the replies here and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life XDDD.

    Olive Oils pussy smells like Spinach XD
    dopey in the corner pulling his pud ROFL

    Dude your name is POWER RANGER.

    Fucking hell, those comments had me laughing so hard I’ve got tears in my eyes

  9. WouldDoDaria says:

    Daria… Mmmm. She just need to be boned like there’s no tomorrow.

  10. He-Dude says:

    I think She-Ra would have been a Playboy-worthy cover.

  11. Captain America says:

    meg griffin issue anyone?

  12. Original Poster says:

    Sorry guys, I realised my article is shit. Hopefully some dumb ass on Holy Taco will also notice that this article is a piece of shit and remove it from the site.

    I’m such a retard for thinking that this kind of stuff is funny. To be honest, I’ve never had a girl in my life and that’s why I do this kind of stuff.

    Please forgive me :)

  13. pete says:

    hah cheetara is hot, guess i didnt notice when i was 4 but wheres jessica rabbit? even at 4 i got what she was drawn 4

  14. Mel Gibson says:

    Mmmmmm, a lot of sugary tits!

  15. John Daivs says:

    ROTFL, Sandy from Spongebob Squarepants totally ROCKS!


  16. Mr. 15 inch cock's Mother says:

    He’s right. My husband loves the cock. That’s why he makes wear a strap on at all times. It gets really uncomfortable when I wear skirts at work and this big dildo is poking out the bottom. But he’s my husband…I have to support him don’t I? Besides he’s a good role model for my uber-gay son. Just one happy family.

  17. Chico says:

    I don’t know what it would look like, but I bet it smells like spinach.

  18. blah says:

    Where is Jessica Rabbit??

  19. 000 moran says:

    wouldn’t mind seeing snow white with 7 cocks up her ass.

  20. office jerk says:

    you like cock that much, huh?

  21. shartfelch says:

    i’d kinda like to see snow white’s asshole after 7 cocks got done reaming her.

    and office jerk – you failed, try again, fucktard.

  22. Frig McCrevasse says:

    Sleepy slips her the ketamine.
    Doc sets up the camera.
    Bashful is hesitant to join in, but…
    Grumpy slaps him around until he agrees.
    Happy is very excited, but won’t go after…
    Sneezy for fear of catching the clap.
    Dopey stands in the corner, laughing like a mongoloid and pulling his pud.

  23. Anon1 says:

    Where is Smurfette?

  24. Blackeye says:

    Not one of these is funny or even imaginative. How much time was spent on these? 15 minutes.

  25. Anonymousj says:

    mrs garrison is the best

  26. Mr. 15 inch cock's cock says:

    Yes, I’m 15 inches, but I go inwards.

  27. cornered mongrels says:

    yeah, or not

  28. office jerk says:

    fail… so fail.

  29. the cynical gentleman says:

    i wonder what olive oyl’s pussy, would look like

  30. George T says:

    You wonder what ANY pussy looks like.

  31. Stick says:

    Damn, you should have done Daria!

  32. s3xt0y says:

    lol, wow, It’s funny what playboy is turning into, soon we will see super hero chicks on the covers of playboy

  33. splackumz says:

    all hail chewie mcdick, the king of trolls

  34. Salty bollock says:

    I did do daria, fucking bitch did nothing but whine…..well until i shove my cock down her throat, then it was more af a gagging sound.

  35. Porn Store Pete says:

    Jessica Rabbit was really on a playboy cover. Got it in my stash.

  36. Lady Nightshayde says:

    Hey,Cheetara is cool. You ought to have used lady death, dark chylde, the girl from heavy metal, ect. that would have made it all good.

  37. Beavis and/or Butthead says:

    Diarrhea, cha-cha-cha, diarrhea cha-cha-cha.

  38. Dumbass says:

    It’s ROFL you stupid shit.

  39. Dumbass says:

    STFU bitch.

  40. Bleeding penis hole says:

    I fucked roo in the ass motha

  41. daym says:

    Kanga is a slut.

  42. Teddy Picker says:

    I agree, but was it necessary to get Roo involved?

  43. Gafruf says:

    Oh trust me, Roo’s been more involved than you know.

  44. Roo says:

    Yes he did, but I pretended not to enjoy it.

  45. george lopez says:

    that guy is white No African American is that dumb.

  46. Mr. 15 inch cock's father says:

    Hey guys!

  47. Fuck off says:

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  49. Rhaysha the 4th says:

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  51. what now fucker says:

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  52. Nigger hater says:

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  53. Mister Mystery says:

    Wow! Someone making inflammatory racist comments on the internet! That NEVER happens! Wait, it happens every time you let people comment on stuff anonymously.

    People wouldn’t be threatening you in real life because you wouldn’t be saying racist things in real life. Downing on someone for reacting in a way they wouldn’t in real life doesn’t count when you do things online that you wouldn’t in real life.

  54. "Nigger Hater" Hater says:

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  55. Big Rid says:

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  56. Mr. 15 inch cock says:

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  57. Power Ranger says:

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  58. It's OK I'm gay too says:

    Dude, your name is POWER RANGER

  59. gay-boy says:

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  61. Corky says:

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  62. Larry Atta says:

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  63. Philosopher's Saggy Vagina says:

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  64. dan the man says:

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  67. QuadrupleLOveHandles says:

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  69. Llama says:

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  70. Hmmm... says:

    All of you should’ve cast for extras in the movie Idiocracy.

  71. YouAreAWhoresSon says:

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  72. who gives a s**t says:

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  74. Anonamaous says:

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  75. JJABRAMS! says:

    Anyone who comments on the same row as me isn’t a faggiest fag and happens to get laid by a 10/10 model/actress/other super hot chick every other night or more

  76. Mr. Burrito says:

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  79. Alice says:

    HA ^ [at the face]

  80. beakleylover530 says:

    id like to see whats in mrs beakleys oven if you know what i mean. all night baby. ooohhhhh yeah.

  81. Wow says:

    your all such stereotypical internet “fags”…

  82. Hypercat-Z says:

    I wonder if Lady was wearing her muzzle in the inside photos.

  83. Jo says:

    So Rita was a funny choice but Scorpina is definitely the sexiest Power Ranger villian…

  84. poopcrack says:

    You are ALL buttpirates.

  85. just poopedmypants says:

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  87. the man that laughs says:

    So much cock stuff in here it feels like a sausage fest…*opens door and jumps out into the real world*

  88. WTF says:


  89. Lion-O says:

    Why not Cheetara? She’s far more deserving of a Playboy spread than Marge Simpson will ever be. Anyone who disagrees has never held the Sword of Omens and let it erect in their hands. The Eye of Thundera definitely gives you sight beyond sight.

  90. Nananana says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the Mrs. Garrison one!

  91. Delta (... non impressed) says:

    I actually was asked by my boyfriend to save the Thunder cats whore for his later viewing…….
    Guess i know what to dress up as if we ever dicide to cosplay in the bed room.

  92. WTF says:

    WTF wut r u talking about?

  93. Holly says:

    Why was Cheetara rejected?

  94. Dreadjaws says:

    That’s ridiculous. Cheetara is freaking hot, way hotter than Marge Simpson, they would never reject her.

  95. fuku fukme says:

    i think all u fukin idiots need to grow the fuk up and stop daydreamin about fake ass pussy and go get sum real pussy

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  98. Anonymous2344 says:

    I saw the best minds of my generation, posting on the holytaco.com website. Whenever I begin to lose faith in humanity I just come to these comment boards to be reinvigorated. It’s always so fresh, with a respectful exchange of ideas on the most cutting edge issues of our time. Whenever people start complaining about the decline of American civilization I just point them towards this message boards, certain they will come away knowing that everything is going to be ok.

  99. deafman says:

    thats perfect i love it all of these magazine with comic are best so keep up good work

  100. Anonymous2344 says:

    but, I’m only attracted to cartoon women. Bitches are always like, “ohhh, Anonymous2344, give it to me baby.” but I’m saving myself for a Lela from Futurerama

  101. Tiger Woods says:

    All these years of cheating with hot women, and I find out I’m gay. YO John Daivs, Mel Gibson, you up for a threesome?

  102. jello says:

    i would totally do cheetara

  103. you all suck says:

    all of you are retards – i am a woman and i think it very low…

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  106. mnb says:

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  107. Gam3rD0lly says:

    Cheetara was hot! I’d do some mad lesbian ass-licking on her! I bet she’d have been feistier than Marge. Lois Griffin would have been a better choice as well.

  108. Any Onymous says:

    Rita Repulsa and Fran Sinclair are cartoons?

  109. Lee says:

    It was all fun and games till I got to the Ms. Garrison then I had to fight to keep my supper down!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. The Faggiest Fag Alive says:

    WHOOOOO Wants butt-sex???

  111. Little Exploited Boy says:

    yes exploit me
    go ahead do it.

  112. Sexi Girl says:

    I do

  113. birdienumnum says:

    indeed cheetara would have been a far superior choice. Marge is a middle aged mother of three with blue hair whos married to a fat slob. I bet shes fucking terrible in the sac. Cheetara though… yeh id hit that

  114. Dumbass says:

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  115. Dumbass says:

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  116. Dumbass says:

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  119. Fuck u says:

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  120. Hanging Anonymously says:

    Grab this fag. U know you want.

  121. Haywood Jablowmi says:

    Damn! Cheetara is HOT!!!!!

  122. uncharted says:

    she is HOt chete

  123. manny says:

    thundercats ohhhhh! O.O

  124. jablowmi is gay says:

    fags ^^^^^^

  125. Anonamaous says:

    Cheetara IS hot. If you don’t agree then you’re a fucking faggot.

  126. Joe The Asshole says:

    uuuh so wrong… and so sick…. yuck… gotta puke

  127. Marty McFly says:


  128. Mr. 15 inch cock's Father's Lover says:

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  133. Anonymous says:

    wow this is awkward…

  134. 3 dong salad says:

    i want to fuck that dog!

  135. G-Max says:

    Where are Gadget Hackwrench and The Baroness?

  136. fstrmom says:

    They totally forgot to include Maxine.

  137. Jason wade says:

    thought this was funny maybe you will sandy was funny

  138. alcoLOLic says:

    Ugh… The Cruelle DeVille saggy tits and bellybutton add-in are disgusting.

  139. Dumb redneck says:

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  140. Ron Nonymous says:

    Bag biters, all of ye

  141. fingerbang says:

    this is fookin priceless

  142. 2 pound sand sausage says:

    who cares? it’s not like playboy would show their vags anyways.

    bf.c OT

  143. ThePadrino says:

    Some one would prolly tap that third one


  144. luke gaskell says:

    you all stink like shit :D

  145. Fierce Bitch says:

    Adam Lambert is the fiercest motherfucker out there.

    This has nothing to do with the post.

    Good day, bitches.

  146. what now fuckers!!! says:

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  147. Sister of little boy says:

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  149. Raoul Duke says:

    Another bunch of loosers with nothing better to do with their pathetic lives…Please dump your WOW Account and get a life!!!

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  151. onlynameicouldthinkof says:

    ewwwww mr.garisson

  152. Pissed off Guy says:

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  153. Wholesale Ugg Boots says:

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  154. justa random GUY says:

    the only comment i’ve read that even made sense to me was by Lady Nightshayde…even though she’s probably a 62 year old man in a cellar hidin from the outside world!!! but he/she/it makes a good point…where’s the lady death and naked rouge(x-men)?

  155. Alistair Darling says:


  156. birdienumnum says:

    I am more of a man than any of you have ever dreamed, your pathetic comments are nothing to me. anyone who responds to this post with what they think is a witty retort is obviously just trying to compensate for my superiority.

  157. ur a fucknut says:

    yes birdienumnum we all bow down to ur superiority! and from the looks of all the other posts the guys bend over as well!

  158. 2Pac says:

    I’m back wow the internet is so cool. this is what I have been up to if anyone wondering.

  159. film fanatic says:

    Cheetara doesn’t belong on this list. She the only character that actually looks human like jessica rabbit.

  160. Rusty B. says:

    All the comments above this one show why the internet has become a real sh*thole. Thanks for ruining it A**holes.