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Rejected Weezer Album Covers


After their last album’s cover depicted a dog soaring through the air of a living room, Weezer is following that triumphant display of randomness by titling their next album “Hurley,” and by devoting every square-inch of the cover to the face of Jorge Garcia, who played Hurley on LOST

After seeing this, we agree with Weezer’s lead singer, Rivers Cuomo, on the feeling one gets when they see Jorge’s smiling face: “I just loved this photo of Jorge Garcia — it just had this amazing vibe.” Indeed the vibe is jolly.

Using our crack team of investigators, we have discovered a series of rejected cover’s that didn’t quite bring the "amazing vibes."

Brian Pepper
James Brown
Beard Face
Pericing face

3 Responses to "Rejected Weezer Album Covers"

  1. Buddy Holly says:

    Who gives a shit? Weezer hasn’t made good music in 15 years.

  2. Sirdrinks says:

    All these guys should consider a facelift with a 12 guage


    Is that Mickey Rourke? I love that Weezer song
    “I got my ass wipe”