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Reporter Hates Anchor. Anchor Hates Reporter.

Reporter Fights With Anchor On Camera – Watch more free videos

I usually wait to unleash all my hostile, bitter hatred for someone until I’m on live television with them. This little exchange between two Fox reporters shows you why.

From Gorillmask.net.

78 Responses to "Reporter Hates Anchor. Anchor Hates Reporter."

  1. cfg says:


  2. jesse says:

    haha wow thats so entertaining. serious tension haha

  3. Anus Breath says:

    Cool ass fucking shit! Go get ‘em boy!

  4. Matt says:

    lol, a classic, what town is that, freakin riot.

  5. fishsandwichesrgood says:

    That is as good as it gets! LMAO

  6. Obviously says:

    hahahaha! This video is better than any videos break.com has ever hosted in its existence. Great stuff!

  7. FAKE says:

    black people dont have jobs

  8. phake says:

    wow that was better then i was expecting lol

  9. alfy says:

    that was good ol’ nyc..so a lot of ppl got to see that

  10. Dunk says:

    Can you Say Promotion from incompetence? The report nailed the Anchor! How Sad!

  11. Joe says:

    Lol! That is some good ol sweet anger right there. I wonder if they duked it out after.

  12. Dan says:


  13. jll says:

    did you see the lady smiling at the back. she thought that was hilarious

  14. LOL says:

    That is from like ten years ago…it’s still funny…

  15. Big dicks in ya ass is bad fo yo health says:

    HAha oh shit.

    Ollies gonna go postal on someones ass.

    And am i the only one who noticed that bitch was in a bath rob? ha

  16. Clit Wizard says:

    let me show u how to do reporting.

    wheres ron burgundy at when u need him

  17. vena says:

    hahaha funny shit.. moral is to be good to your workers lol

  18. Joe says:

    The reporter was in a hurry to finish the story because she was about to let him hit it. The anchor was just cock blocking.

  19. lies says:

    holy shit that’s awkward hahaha

  20. G-Money says:

    Yowza, that was a classic. If you’re that old and saying to someone else, who is that old “I used to be your boss” it’s time to fucking retire. Cranky sum-bitches.

  21. LMFAO says:

    HAhahah see what the black guy did straight after the woman went behind him at 0:56 hahaha

  22. Anonymous says:

    Pot calls the kettle black. What an unprofessional jerk.

  23. Mr. B says:

    Great job on getting that scoop Ollie; the broken elevator in the projects sure is headline material. Anchorman, way to keep Ollie in check–we all really want to know bathrobe woman’s response to deadbeat landlord’s bullshit. Pulitzer Prize winning journalism!

  24. Bill P says:

    Mr B.
    Your a Douche Bag…. But a funny Douche bag HAHA

  25. asdlfjadslfdasf says:

    What the Fu(k is wrong with ther, wearing a bathrobe. C’mon!

  26. Buddy Ice says:

    That’s classic shit. Take it to the Octogon grampses (that’s gramps, plural).

  27. Parker says:

    good lord that is some funny stuff.

  28. AlcoLOL says:

    Wow… Fox news sucks. I remember when a female news anchor kept saying “cock” instead of “cop”.

  29. Bunyon Breath says:

    Great clip. Was that recent?

  30. Anil Dikshit says:

    It’s great how they were both sounding so very dignified whilst talking mad shiitake.

  31. Donkeyarse says:

    Ahh, good old male pride at it’s finest. LOL!

  32. h says:

    All I know is there is a ‘W’ missing from the ‘A’ word there!

  33. boro1453 says:

    grumpy old men

  34. Nothing to say says:

    It’s jim ryan…and he hasn’t hosted that show for a few years…so it’s at least 3 or 4 years old…if not more.

  35. Clock End Gooner says:

    ha ha! Fucking good’un!

  36. Aah... says:

    Jimmy the Joylk … :0|

  37. ramses says:

    woah grampa!! did he still your applesauce??

  38. justsomeguy says:

    This is from July 18, 2001. (Or at least the scores from the MLB games are from that date) so the video may be from that night or next day.

  39. war_manelli says:

    Jim Ryan’s awesome. He was on Fox (WNYW 5 NY) for years and takes no crap!

  40. Anonymous says:

    that anchor is a douchbag, you should never talk shit about someone on live T.V, i doubt he would have kept his job after that crap.

  41. greg garner says:

    Watch the chick laughing at these old farts

  42. LOL! says:


  43. Ryan says:

    I hope that reporter kicked his ass as soon as he got back to the station

  44. cartman says:

    The guy went from being the Anchorman’s BOSS to a FIELD REPORTER. lol.

    “How did that happen?”

  45. Tbone says:

    What ever happened to both of these morons? The anchor guy was very unprofessional for giving his mate chiittt like that.

  46. bubbles says:

    how unprofessional is that? If you don’t have another question for the lady why would you expect the field reporter to?

  47. nelson says:

    haha, watch at 00:56 seconds, the landlord or whatever does a priceless gesture

  48. hulahan says:

    This is fox. who give a s**t…

  49. Dave says:

    Two dicks and no balls between them.

  50. Trojan says:

    “You’re a smelly pirate hooker. . .”

  51. Bob says:

    The reporter was correct here, the anchor a douche. Bathrobe lady was complaining about the elevator not working, super said he had a repair request in but the repair company had scheduled it six weeks out — standard practice. There’s no more to the story. Classic immovable object versus irresistible force. If we went back to bathrobe lady all we would have gotten is a rehash of her compaint. No one expects her to say “Oh, OK, I understand now, never mind.” She would have just complained some more.

  52. Online TV says:

    Gotta love it when it happens on live TV. Thanks for sharing :)

  53. kel says:

    Could be they used to be best mates until one had sex with the others wife.

  54. lolll says:

    LOL anchor burned the reporter big time.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Funny. Just two guys who have been doing it so long they have forgotten where they are and the consequences of their actions.

  56. What are you talking about? says:

    “The reporter was correct here, the anchor a douche. Bathrobe lady was complaining about the elevator not working, super said he had a repair request in but the repair company had scheduled it six weeks out , standard practice. ”

    Standard practice? What are you, an elevator repairman? If the elevator breaks in MY building they at least send someone to look at it the same day. Usually it’s fixed the same day. Six weeks to get an elevator fixed is ridiculous. They repave highways in six weeks. This is an elevator. Maybe the lady had called an elevator repairman to get an estimate? Do you know? No, you don’t. So why leave a comment at all if you’re just going to pull something out of your ass and pretend you’re some kind of authority?

    Then again, it’s not like anyone else really needed me to point out that you’re full of it, but someone at least needed to say it.

  57. What are you talking about, What are you talking about? says:

    Hey idiot, he’s saying it’s standard reporting practice. Dumbfuck.

  58. Jake says:

    Yes, you are truly a dumbfuck.

  59. The Dude says:


  60. Avery says:

    LAUGHING MY ASS OFF! This is honestly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  61. vertius says:

    Man, that was some good shit. Finally, something funny. The reporter probably could have gotten a follow-up statement, but the anchor shouldn’t have questioned him on it or pushed it. He wasn’t reporting on anything major, just a broken elevator.

  62. Network4 says:

    Yes, another old clip about egos and hatered in the local news scene. WYNY-TV Channel 5 in NYC is NOT part of Fox News as in the Fox News Channel. Although they both share the same “Fox” moniker, Channel 5 is a broadcast station, and Fox News Channel is a cable operation. They are related in that they are owned by the same “News Corporation”, but have DIFFERENT editorial chains of command.

  63. Massengill says:

    The clip is not nearly as funny as the uneducated douche bags slamming Fox News. Couldn’t you have found a way to use your other moron talking points like “Halliburton”, “Dubya” or “Global Warming”…lemmings.

  64. Josh says:

    “HAhahah see what the black guy did straight after the woman went behind him at 0:56 hahaha”

    Yeah. And there’s a mirror behind him so she would have seen it too. Brilliant.

    This clip is just bursting with hidden gems.
    Another one:
    “She lives on the first floor” — Nice!
    [From the background] “I care about my neighbours”
    Just Brilliant.

  65. Numnuts says:

    This would be a great skit on Sat. Night Live

  66. Numnuts says:

    Dont you think ??

  67. Numnuts says:

    Dont you think ?

  68. Josh says:

    it’s already a great skit!!

  69. Muff Diver says:

    calm down Numnuts….i’m sure someone will agree with u

  70. Ted says:

    This is why the rest of the world thinks Americans are morons!

  71. Cubs Win!! says:

    Was that Harry Caray??

  72. gub says:

    did they died

  73. Ab says:

    I agree Ted and whats even sad is Americans are getting worse by the minutes. Hahah, “I was your boss once…”

  74. The Boss says:

    The anchor should have been fired. He’s the guy that made the company look as if they have morons in charge. What a piece of work.

  75. Allen says:

    This guy Jim has always been a huge douche bag. He needs a fist in the mouth and a foot in the ass.

  76. Jim Sharp says:

    Most Media types somehow think they are above the rest of us, screw them both, let us listen to the new makers and facts not losers opinions or problems. Fox is a one way loser channel anyway and Orielly is an ass hole who should lose his voice permanently like many on other channels.

  77. That woman in the bathrobe was lookin’ good

  78. Igotthelastword says:

    Reporter is not just a douche but an old douche. Jim – nice job trying to reign in the old douche however fruitless. Robechick – nice lips. Next time I would suggest a nice black and white corsett with a pair of matching stockings and some lacy see through panties to get your point across. You would have had the nation behind you…right behind you. Peace and love – hope your elevator reaches the top floor.