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Rest in Peace, James Rebhorn and Oderus Urungus: A Photo Tribute

March 24, 2014 | 11:00 am

The entertainment world lost two bright stars this weekend. And while their creative output was wildly different, they shared one thing in common: Integrity.

On Friday, character actor James Rebhorn died at the age of 65, at his home in New Jersey. A cause of death was not publicly released, although TMZ reports that his passing came after a long battle with skin cancer. Rebhorn was a well-known presence in films like Independence Day, Meet the Parents, The Game, Head of State, and Scent of a Woman, and had recent recurring roles on Showtime’s Homeland and USA’s White Collar. CNN’s obituary lovingly described him as “that guy.” Basically, any time a film or TV show needed a thin, older white man who could play smart and distinguished, Rebhorn was there. Back in 2005, I got the chance to interview James Rebhorn for Giant Magazine. When I asked him what the secret to his success was, he told me, “I guess I wear a suit well.”

Then on Sunday, Dave Brockie — aka Oderus Urungus, lead singer of the madcap shock-metal band GWAR — was found dead in his Richmond, Virginia, home. Brockie was 50 years old. The cause of death has not been determined, although no drugs were found nearby. (That’s worth mentioning, since the character Oderus Urungus often spoke fondly of his love of crack cocaine.) Brockie co-founded GWAR in 1984, and went on to release 13 studio albums with the band, most recently Battle Maximus in 2013. Oderus Urungus’s on-stage appearance included demon-like facial prosthetics, a worm-beard, elaborate codpieces, and a long sword named “Unt Lick.”

We’ve put some photos of James Rebhorn and Oderus Urungus in the gallery above, capturing these two talented artists in their element — one who gracefully blended into dozens of supporting roles, and one who devoted his life to becoming a single, over-the-top character. Rest in peace, gentlemen.

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