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Retarded People are Awesome

When I was in 6th grade, there was a retarded kid in my homeroom class named Anthony.  He was loud and obnoxious, like some retarded kids are, but very fun and loveable.  He would always do this thing where he would clap, and then quickly try to cover his ears before the sound of the clap got to them.  He f*ckin’ hated the morning announcements though, and he would just scream all the way through them every morning.  The caretaker who went everywhere with him would try to calm him down, and then every so often she would turn to the kids sitting nearby and say, "he just doesn’t understand where the voices are coming from."  I can’t help thinking that if Anthony had gotten into chick-mullets and opera singing, maybe I could be posting a video of him today.  Then I remember that the morning announcements freaked Anthony out, and that an accordian would absolutely blow his mind, so maybe it’s better the way it is.
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9 Responses to "Retarded People are Awesome"

  1. Your Conscience says:

    You know, maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t make fun of people with Mental Retardation.

    Maybe, just maybe, every time I do, I’m just making the world a little bit crueler.

    Maybe, just maybe, every time I do it, I grow the chances that me or a person dear to me will have a child afflicted by it. Gosh, I wouldn’t like that. Retardation is only funny when it happens to someone else.

    Listen to Your Conscience

  2. Cheap says:

    Man, this is fucking cheap comedy. So cheap it isn’t funny. I’m not offended or anything but christ. You get paid to write on a comedy website and all you can pull together is a fucking video of a talented handicapped kid and make fun of it? Lame shit man. You should get fired for this lame shit. Again, I’m not offended or anything I just think it’s weak sauce you get paid for this shit and the homeless guy in the alley behind my building can’t. I’m pretty sure he could pull something with a little more class than this together. If some sort of boss is reading, axe this fucker and interview the homeless guy. His name is Dirty Dick and he can be reached via trashgram.

  3. KTFO says:

    She sounded like a goat… BAAAH BAAAH BAAH!

  4. Fuck says:

    Yeah we used to throw coins at the tards as they walked up the stairs to go to lunch. They’d freak the fuck out because they didn’t know where that shit was coming from. One kid always yelled at the wall whenever he’d get hit.

  5. missionmom says:

    Bet you’ve gone really far in your life.

  6. john says:

    Is it me, or around the 1:04 mark, is that hot chick in the back trying extremely hard not to laugh???

  7. andreas542 says:

    It’s amazing to watch people who are so happy in their own little worlds…

    Translated the first bit from Swedish:
    “She sings like an opera singer completely intuitively. It’s really cool because she’s actually figured out what it’s all about”

  8. missionmom says:

    What I really love is that mental retardation doesn’t only begin at birth. You could get a brain injury and spend the rest of your life in a chair having an aide wipe the drool from your chin and calling you a retard. Hell, she might even post a video of you for all to laugh at. Karma, baby.
    Why not be happy that this woman decided to sing. Instead you think it’s more fun to mock her. Like you’ve ever tried anything in your sorry ass excuse for a life.

  9. Acro says:

    I am rather offended reading this entire page. I am the older sibling of someone with a cognitive disability as well as physical ramifications from the pre birth scarring on the brain she received due to a virus my mother had.

    I am also the sole carer of my sibling.

    I also have worked for many years with people whom have disabilities and I find it repugnant to this day people still refer to those with disabilities as ‘mongo’s', ‘retards’ etc.

    The official term is person with a disability, as the focus should never be the disability (which I have actually seen many times turned into an advantage than a disadvantage) but the person and their abilities are.

    Also, it is not mental retardation… Retardation is actually a medical term used for the retraction and spasmodic movements of muscular problems often found in Cerebral Palsy.

    To assume people with disabilities cannot participate well in society, to make fun of them as many here seem to have done, or look at them as a ‘lesser’ person shows it is actually you with the ‘retardation’.

    Many of the greatest thinkers out there have a disability, most notably Stephen Hawking.

    Australian Comedian Adam Hills has a fake leg. Another comedian Steady Eddy has Cerebral Palsy. A young man I know through my sister is worth over a million due to his investments in the property market… and they say his IQ is under 75 (standard).

    People with disabilities have to work ten times harder to have the same chances as we do, they have to endure prejudice and cruelty and being judged for something that is not their fault.

    If this was done to someone of a different ethnicity it would be seen as racism. If it was to someone of a varying sexual preference it would be shunned. What makes it alright to make fun of someone differently abled to yourself.

    I am sure there are things you can’t do, that others can. Like show compassion and understanding.