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Robert Lee Is The New Chuck Norris

This is the latest local commercial from Rhett and Link featuring one of the most epic men in the history of mobile home sales, Robert Lee. He actually owns Cullman Liquidation and had Rhett and Link make this commercial for him. You can go here to nominate a local business for Rhett and Link to make a commercial for, too.
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10 Responses to "Robert Lee Is The New Chuck Norris"

  1. sweat stain says:

    Come and buy a home….or dont, I dont care.

    True, honest advertising. Brilliant.

  2. FunnyMonkey says:

    First! HA! I would SOO buy a trailer,… excuse me,.. MOBILE HOME, from this guy!

  3. Ferst! says:

    The whip sounds really sell it!

  4. MrKillson says:

    I swore years ago I would never live in a mobile home. I now WANT dozens of them, bought from this man. And the one that sells them is pretty hot. Kinda want to pee in her.

  5. Ha! I'm am sweaty sack says:

    whip good young men, shit stains

  6. Cullmanite says:

    I live in cullman wooo. but not in a trailer :(

  7. Trailer Trash says:

    To the chick who “sells ‘em” – here’s a quarter. Go downtown and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face.

    Mole or not, though, I’d still hit it.

  8. Harry Clark says:

    Holy fuck that was awesome. I love that his wife had a boyfriend and he kicked Robert Lees ass with a fence post.

  9. kaitlin says:

    um , no , chuck norris is the new chuck norris

  10. noahaction says:

    that was tremendous. “My wife’s boyfriend hit me with a fence post ..” holy shite i have tears in my eyes.