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Rock Out With BEAMZ Music Light!

BEAMZ Laser Beam Music – Watch more free videos

Who needs lame guitars or drums when you can look totally cool playing a kickass beam of light?!?! See that guy with the sunglasses? His sunglasses let us know that he is cool! I bet he gets lots of groupies! And that blonde-haired kid couldn’t look any more bored! Rock!

8 Responses to "Rock Out With BEAMZ Music Light!"

  1. CraigM says:

    These guys are awesome!! Too bad all their fancy ‘fingering’ techniques will never be used on a woman sober enough to remember…

  2. Meat mittens says:

    Holy shit!
    This is amazing, i need to know when they go on tour. Then ill get all of them to autograph my t-shirt, and i can sell it on e-bay and retire with all the money ill make off of it. Ill bet U2 will be the opener.

  3. Jimbo says:

    Real fun begins at 2:15 when they touch each other’s! Oh yeah, baby. Touch mine and I’ll touch yours!!!

  4. Mason says:

    Holy shit! 2:48 – “MORE COWBELL!” Where Chris Walken when you need him?

  5. Chaosman says:

    I would buy one of those frikkin weird things based on that infomercial….if I never wanted to get laid again. Another sale lost.

  6. I fear no beer says:

    I can just see drunk dicks in bars rockin out with these things..Making themselves look like king douche..Whatever happen to learning a real instrument.

  7. Daemaro says:

    I bet that’s actually fun as hell when you’re tripping on LSD.

    Damn stoners and their crazy inventions.

  8. Megan says:

    UPDATE: The beamz now sells for $499.95 as is available for purchase through the company Web site: http://www.thebeamz.com. You can download new songs from there as well.