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Romo and Simpson Do Nasty Nerd Style

Here’s a question: What do thirteen year old boys and Tony Romo have in common? If you answered “they both jack off to Jessica Simpson on their computer,” you’d be right. I also would have accepted “They both have never won an NFL playoff game,” as well as “They both pray to God they don’t get a noticeable boner when they meet thirteen year old girls.” Celebslam.com reports:

While he’s away at training camp preparing for yet another disappointing season with the Dallas Cowboys, Jessica Simpson’s been keeping the romance alive in her relationship with Tony Romo by doing sexy webcam strips for him.

First of all, he’s already banged Jessica Simpson, so whacking it to a grainy video of her is like living in a chateau in Italy and moving back to an apartment in Kansas that’s next to an Olive Garden.  Secondly, masturbating to your girlfriend is sort of weird.  Masturbation is your time to imagine a situation involving women who would never have sex with you unless you imagined a scenario ridiculous enough to give them no other option.

Either way, I don’t think Romo is paying attention to her during these video jerking sessions.  I think his desktop probably looks a little more like this:

7 Responses to "Romo and Simpson Do Nasty Nerd Style"

  1. Anonymous says:

    your to skinny and thats not a good thing

  2. justin says:


    You should talk to the Make A Wish people, they have a deal with the NFL.

  3. JibberJabberOn says:

    Where’s a hacked IP link when you need it. Sooner or later Jess will screw up and send everyone on the net a free strip show (just like in American Pie).
    Now that everyone knows she does it it won’t be long ’til it’s made pub(l)ic.
    I wait with mastur(baited) breath.

  4. flibberflabber says:

    @JJ: You over thought (perhaps a first? sorry) that pun. It actually is spelled “bated” breath – which would have been outstanding wordplay. Unless your breath smells like Jessica, and then Tony will start following you around. And I’m with you; screw hacking an Apple Mac! Let’s work on nabbing this feed!

  5. Jerry Jones says:

    Romo would love it if TO played center.

  6. Hooligan says:

    Fuck Tony Romo…I hope he gets butthole cancer

  7. bob says:

    aw don’t be upset ur girl looks like a linebacker instead of jessica simpson. Bet u he gets a win in the playoffs this year