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Rosie Jones Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Rosie Jones is one of the unsung heroes in glamour modeling, but she’s well on her way to becoming a star.  Recently she starred in the new Old Spice Parody and went topless, which seems to be a running theme in her work…and is a good problem to have.
Pointless Quote: "My Boobs are always Popping Out."


12 Responses to "Rosie Jones Pictures"

  1. Anonymous2241 says:

    Mad hott

  2. anna says:

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  3. Alex says:

    Photoshop FAIL in the third picture. Look at the area above her side boob and below her arm. I’m pretty sure that isn’t natural.

  4. riddly says:

    dear god yes- the poor girl is seriously deformed according to this photo- where the hell is her right tit attached?
    All the retards posting here are having aenurisms about a girl who’s breasts are fixed to her armpits?

  5. Photography says:

    Alex… It’s called a shadow.

  6. Crinsotel says:

    Rosie looking so sexy in two piece.

  7. blogwiz says:

    She is very sexy and has great tits, the kind of tits you want to slide your cock between and then cream all over them!

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  8. Stranger says:

    please post all the pics on the same page, theres always only 7 pics and you guys put more then that in other posts.

  9. Rob says:

    Hotter than Keeley!!!
    Check out my blog dedicated to Rosie


  10. Fattpill says:

    Now way this girl is even remotely at hot as french singer alizee

  11. salah says:

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  12. Depy says:

    My boner was looking for her just yesterday.