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Santa’s Gmail Account

Everyone has an e-mail account, even Santa.  Therefore, we decided we’d show you his, in an effort to get a better idea of what his life is like around Christmas time. 

30 Responses to "Santa’s Gmail Account"

  1. Steve says:


  2. PoisonedV says:

    love the lebowski reference

  3. HurricaneDitka says:

    Sorry guys I tried linking to your site when I submitted to digg but apparently some idiot who decided to take a screen shot and give it a lame new title somehow got to the front page days after my submission.

  4. Anonymous says:

    fuckin awesome

  5. he got an email from george bush

  6. Anonymous says:

    There are way too many spam messages for this to be a Gmail account…

  7. six flags coupons says:

    awesome. he gets so much spam.

  8. battlescarredshogun says:

    The GMail chat with the Easter Bunny is hilarious.

    But where’s the “tribute to sexy Mrs. Claus”?

  9. Thats good.. really good. :)

  10. Anonymoupramod kumar says:

    where is your photo

  11. Anonymous says:

    You spelled Donder wrong.


  12. Totally using “I got blitzened last night…” from here on out. That shit is fucking gold.

  13. Anonymous says:

    hi santa i would like a playstation 3 please or an xbox 360

  14. fu says:

    ur a retard.

  15. Rachel says:

    Hey Is Does everybody beleive in santa u should!


  16. Michael says:

    Is that Santa real gmail account

  17. sakana says:


  18. justin says:
    Thanks, we appreciate that.  This one is doing well, so it sucks not to get the traffic. Oh well, it happens. 
  19. FadieZ says:

    Well the Digg link is down so you’ll probably be getting plenty of views thanks to one of the first comments.

  20. battlescarredshogun says:

    wait nm, i’m stupid…

  21. Bobby Jensen says:

    Mom screwed your brother. Merry Christmas asshole.

  22. Jay T. says:

    Good stuff… naturally he gets the bank of nigeria email.

  23. Pratik says:

    Who would’ve thought that the Easter Bunny is Jewish? Makes no sense at all when you think about it.

    He shouldn’t have gotten with that bitch Cynthia and turned Jewish to marry her, and watch her dog when she goes to Hawaii (fucking dog has fucking papers).

  24. ZenFu says:

    Be advised, this is currently on digg at http://digg.com/comedy/Santa_s_Gmail_hacked

    However the asshat that posted it decided to link to imageshack instead of your site…so you’re probably losing pageviews…and money.

    As a digger, i feel a little bad about that so here i am doing my part.

    Thanks for the laughs.

  25. Daniel Jenson says:

    My son really is an assbag.