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Sarah Jessica Parker’s 5-Year-Old Supports Obama

If you find it really annoying when a celebrity publicly endorses a candidate then you’re going to find this INCREDIBLY annoying. People.com reports:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama may be hard at work on the campaign trail, but the senator from Illinois can count on James Wilkie Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s 5-year-old son.

“He’s very into Barack Obama,” Parker told reporters

I wonder whether little James is into Barack because of his stance on health care or his stance on making pee pees like a big boy only when you’re ready. This press conference must have been down right riveting. I wonder who her dog endorses for president. Maybe they can put a picture of Barack on one of its testicles and a picture of Hillary on the other. Then, which ever testicle the dog licks, that person gets Sarah Jessica Parker’s Dog’s endorsement.

4 Responses to "Sarah Jessica Parker’s 5-Year-Old Supports Obama"

  1. Chris says:

    which ever testicle the dog licks!! HAHAHAHHAHA

  2. BamBam says:

    My left testicle is for Hillary, but my right is for Obama. It’s fucking uncomfortable.

  3. Matty D says:

    Thank you People.com for your hard hitting journalism. My day is now complete that Im up to speed on the most important of issues.

  4. strat89 says:

    Matty D, you’re a faggot. Shut the fuck up.