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Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page

2 Responses to "Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page"

  1. Bri Van Tassel says:

    Dear Ms. Palin: I truly hope you read this post. I did care for you or your mannerism during the presidential election. Even after the election, evertime you appeared in a political arena, I disliked you more. Having just read many of the blogs it is even worse. You make yourself a target. Here is the kicker, I am 68 years old, born overseas and came to this country as a youn teen. I am the mother of 2 daughters and Nanna to six grandchildren. One night I decided to watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska and I fell in love with a woman who loves the outdoors and loves to spend time with her family. Even your demeanor now when responding to the nutsos who claim it is your fault that 6 people were killes in Tuscon and Gabby Gifford seriously injured is different. When you do your reality show you look different and I would love to have you continue to explore your beautiful state with your family and share it with the rest of us. I sincerely hope, you take to heart what I am telling you. I only with you the best, not in the political arean but in your Alaska arena. I am a democrat and because of something that happened to my best friend in grade school, have been pro choice my entire life. You are not responsible for what happened in Tuscon but some of the speaches I’ve heard from the right scare me because they create an atmosphere of hatred towards our government. This is not the same America when we came here. A lot civility is being lost, and we don’t seem to be able to agree to disagree without name calling. I used to be a republican but changed ten years ago. I dont’t believe in pre-marital sex and I am saddened by yound woman having babies out of wedlock. Bristol is lucky because she has her family and a strong father figure and brother who can help her raise her son. There are too many unwed mothers who do not have that support and that is sad. Maybe you should Bristol in her campaign. I live in an area that is predominantly right. I am substitute teacher at our local high school. It saddens me to hear students call out derrogatory things about our president whenever he appears in the news. I hope you take to heart this post and let me hear from you. PS I love the way you parent your children. Bri

  2. tammie wheeler says:

    You are sick who made this facebook of Palin you person who should get a life instead of trying to ruin someones life who is trying to do a good thing for the world ! Get A LIFE !