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The Search Engine Obstacle Course: Ho P*ssy Clown

Clown Mushroom

If you don’t know how this works, allow us to explain: first, you get yourself a random word from a random word generator. Then, you get yourself a couple of words from a random curse word generator. You mash the two together, plug them in to a Google search bar, turn off Safe Search, then immediately drown your eyes in holy water, because that’s the only way to rid yourself of the horrible sights and words that have been imprinted on your brain jelly.

The results break down in to two categories: The Sites (in which we focus on one horrible website and its disturbing contents), and The Sights (in which we use the words in a Google image search to find things that make us regret ever thinking of this stupid idea).

Today’s random mash-up of words is “Ho Pussy Clown”

Let’s what we find…

The Sites:


Last week, our collection of words was Vacuum Penis Clown. By some weird coincidence in our random word generating algorithms, today’s words share the (Random Word) + (Genitalia) + Clown formula, which is the formula that was used to launch man on to the moon. Strangely, though, we didn’t get very many links to sites that pertained to those nefarious anti-good music rappers, the Insane Clown Posse. But today? F*ck all that. A vast majority of the links are ICP related, and whenever a majority of anything in life is ICP-related you know you’re going to be both deeply saddened and spiritually uplifted by the  insurmountable mountain of garbage that will be crammed, stuffed, and skullf*cked in to your sensory organs.

So, we knew no matter what ICP-related thing came up it was going to be entertaining, somehow; but we weren’t prepared for the lyrics to a song of theirs titled “I Stuck Her With My Wang.” The song reads like it was written in crayon on the back of a Denny’s placemat, dotted with some semi-brown translucent syrup stains while high on a Viagra-sprinkled 8-ball – and we’re not ruling that out.

Yeah, what’s up, man?
ICP in this bitch
Ya know what I’m saying
All you bitches, man
Come over to my house
And I’ll take ya upstairs
And I’m a stick you with my wang
Ya know what I’m saying

In this verse, Shaggy 2 Dope of the Insane Clown Posse reminds us, the listener, that if there is a bitch within your area, ICP is probably housed within it, but most likely they are within this one. He would also like you to come over to his house (presumably, the “bitch” referenced earlier), take you on to the second level of the domicile, and proceed to poke around your body with his erect penis.

I stuck her with my wang
She hit me in the balls
I grabbed her by her neck and I bounced her off the walls
She said it was an accident and then apologized
But I still took my elbow and blackened both her eyes

Not unaccustomed to being prodded by a penis at random, the woman Shaggy is seducing expresses her disapproval by inflicting damage upon Shaggy’s testicles. Shaggy, known for his ill-temper, wildly over-reacts to the response to his own uncalled-for perversion by grabbing her by the neck and flinging her about the walls. From this we can infer that the 2nd floor of Shaggy 2 Dope’s home is a bounce house.

Boucne House

I stuck her with my wang
I hit it slow motion
I had the Ringmaster brew me up a love potion
I put it on her neden, I know this sounds insane
Her coochie started whistling and singing out my name
Shaggy, Shaggy, Shaggy, stick me with your wang!!!

Later in the song, Shaggy recounts an instance when he was in complete control of the temporal flow of existence. He used his mastery of space/time to farm out the creation of a liquid that can be rubbed on to a vagina. Whether it was the potion’s intended purpose or not, the vagina sprouted lungs and a tongue. Shaggy also wants to reaffirm your current notion: yes, this is all rather unbelievable.

The Sights:

Penis Clown

As usual, almost all of the pictures look like they were ripped out of the journal of a man that decorates his ways with human genitals, so you won’t be seeing any of that here. But to sum it all up, we can say that never before and never again shall anyone ever see that many clowns surrounded by that many engorged vaginas. And there was a woman with an impressive number of hot dogs buried deep within her vagina. That woman also gets an ‘A’ for effort, as her attempt at sliding yet another hot dog in side of her, this time in to her ass, looks as though it is futile and beefy.

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