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The Search Engine Obstacle Course


Google is the world’s most trusted search engine. We all use it to find recipes for dinner, driving directions, and researching topics, all while randomly stumbling upon pornography as you search for all of those things.

Yes, Google is a gateway to a plethora of mind expanding information, but can it entertain you when you’re bored?

Yes it can.
We in the Holy Taco labs have been hard at work on a time killing game that is both fun and enlightening for all the wrong reasons. We like to call this the Search Engine Obstacle Course, and here’s how you play:

Using a random word generator, get yourself a random word from the English language. Then, use a random curse word generator and do the same. Mash the two results together, plug them in to the Google search bar, and perform an image search for those words.

Ready to play? Let’s do this…

Sexist Butt Bat


More proof that Batman and Robin’s relationship is a littler weirder than we once thought.

Sore Twat Midget


As per the rules of sequels, it has a bigger budget, bigger action, and bigger stars — yet tinier twats.

Wizard Penis Bandit


This is either an artist rendering of a caterpillar shedding its skin as it transforms in to a human, or of a man in desperate need of a circumcision.

Judge Asshole Cheese


This picture has nothing to do with the phrase “judge asshole cheese,” yet it has everything to do it with.

Infant Fag Ninja


This is either a creepy sex thing, or a picture from the new season of Dexter in which Dex attempts force feed victims his knives.

4 Responses to "The Search Engine Obstacle Course"

  1. mees says:

    Not as fun as I thought it would be. I want my money back?

  2. misleepy:3 says:

    Very fun game :D

  3. No Seriously I like Vaginas!!! says:

    I’m gana do this for the next 2 hours.

  4. 888 says: