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The Self Pic – A Gallery

We’d just like to thank all the of girls in this gallery for taking these awesome pictures,and all of their ex-boyfriends for loading them onto the internet. 


211 Responses to "The Self Pic – A Gallery"

  1. A decent "whore" says:

    Yeah! Except now they are called “Net Walkers”! What total slutty whores! I will never understand how any woman can promote the degredation of all women through their own slutty ho actions like these bimbos!!!!! No wonder most men and even boys think and believe women are only good for sex and serving them! Because they send that message to the younger generations and then prostitues and whore sluts like these home breakers just confirm it, enforce it and condone it!!!!!!!! Thank God my son is home schooled! I don’t like the horrible messages society is teaching our young!!!

    Most men and boys “think and believe women are only good for sex and serving them” because men like you perpetuate the stereotype that women who enjoy having sex or appreciate the beauty and sexual prowess of the female form are “total slutty whores”. Women who appreciate and value their bodies (whether physically, in the mirror, or through photographs that make their way onto the internet perhaps voluntarily or involuntarily) usually lead sexually healthy and enjoyable lives along with their significant others. Creepers like you, however, criticize from a self-imposed moral platform based on a foundation of repressed sexual urges and self-righteous “morality judgements”. Clearly you are too good to marry one of these beautiful women but you are certainly not too good to ogle their physiques and pass harsh judgement… perhaps in order to vindicate your shallow conscience?

  2. A decent "whore" says:

    Most men and boys “think and believe women are only good for sex and serving them” because men like you perpetuate the stereotype that women who enjoy having sex or appreciate the beauty and sexual prowess of the female form are “total slutty whores”. Women who appreciate and value their bodies (whether physically, in the mirror, or through photographs that make their way onto the internet perhaps voluntarily or involuntarily) usually lead sexually healthy and enjoyable lives along with their significant others. Creepers like you, however, criticize from a self-imposed moral platform based on a foundation of repressed sexual urges and self-righteous “morality judgements”. Clearly you are too good to marry one of these beautiful women but you are certainly not too good to ogle their physiques and pass harsh judgement… perhaps in order to vindicate your shallow conscience?

  3. Seriously though... says:

    Gallery good.
    Spam posts bad…

    Just get someone to delete them! Gosh guys…its not that hard…one of you could jerk off while deleting the posts; then close them to new posts after a day or so.


    cried Richard

  4. Mr.Anon says:

    If you take a picture in front of a mirror – your just too fucking stupid to use the timer-function.

    i dont care if she is fukin naked, or in a sweater vest – bitches who post pics using that technique are WHORES, RETARDS, and can suck a Hep-c infested dog cock for all i care.

  5. DeeJayy says:

    sounds like someones son is a closet-homosexual… BAHAHAHA >:]

  6. jezzie says:

    the pic that scared me was the one done in a hospital bed

  7. Rick Fourplay says:

    Lady, I had to burst your bubble–all we guys have ever wanted to do is f**k. Men are are pigs…all men, no exceptions…ever!

  8. Rick Fourplay says:

    Dude–if you can’t look at a hot, half naked chick without being disgusted by her messy bedroom–you really have serious issues. Seek help–or a boyfriend.

    Until you mentioned it, I didn’t even realize any of them were in rooms

  9. James says:

    Ladies and Gents, I present to you “Americas next generation of street walkers”!!

  10. The whizz says:

    Oh snap.

  11. Abby says:

    Which ever ones who actually are legal should go stand on a street corner… they all look like big sluts to me…

  12. cnm says:

    i totally agree
    it was the funniest!!
    and these r just sad
    have some self esteem, women!!

  13. Xavier says:

    I bet you are fat :P

  14. Shayna says:

    I’d say. They are also idiots.

  15. YourMom says:


  16. MsPrudeAndThatsOk says:

    Looking through these pics just reminds me of why I would hate to have to raise a daughter these days. Look what she would most likely feel she needed to do in order to get guyd to simply like her. Except now a days, guys just want to f**k and not simply like girls.
    It’s a sad world these days…

  17. Charlie says:

    Um, I really want to do only the last one.

  18. jess says:

    you have to be stupid to post these up…especially with tons of pervs around..ur just telling people come on rape me…but i thought the dog one was funny but all the other ones are dumb

  19. jess says:

    i agree with you!! they will bite you in the butt later

  20. Brian says:

    MAAAANNN!!!! There are some HOTTIES in these photos! Thanks man! Wish I could do them all…except the last one of course…lol

  21. The Penis Of Justin Thomas says:

    I was hoping the last pic was going to be of me.

  22. 123me says:

    i envy the young studs who are on the receiving end of these pics!

  23. Alex (AG7) says:

    And These Pictures Are Nice
    Axcept For The Last One! It’s Funny Though! JAJAJAJAJA!

  24. ZVFera says:

    “stupidier that” The simple fact that you used improper grammar AND spelling make your statement completely void and cause it to lack any sort of merit whatsoever. Retard.

  25. ZVFera says:

    Rooms? What rooms?

  26. paakashi says:

    Self made
    Ass showing MMs crazy videos

  27. Brian says:

    How sad. How truly sad. You’d think that people would have more common sense than to do something like this! This really made me realize how low some will stoop! I for one thought that they would have that the decency to post at least twice as many pictures than they did. LOL!!!

  28. Vi says:

    I’m fifteen and even I think these are pathetic.

  29. tony r. says:

    hey girls,

    how bout when your older and have that high profile job or good security clearance and someone like your boss get’s wind of your pixs…
    these pixs are gonna bite you in your sweet ass someday.
    remember, internet pixs last forever..

    newer meaning for the the word HOT..

  30. Smexy Fish says:

    I’m with you men are dicks…
    I just scout around for my next one night stand who I’ll call later in the week

    All men are like it!

  31. Lady says:

    I bet you all these comments were made after most of you got of. So if they serve your needs, don’t talk crap about them.

  32. Lady says:

    got off please pardon the typo / stupidity… now make fun of that… sigh ***

  33. JVF4 says:

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  34. Suzen says:

    Don’t any hetero dudes out there self-pic? I didn’t see a single one. C’mon…give the women something to look at!

  35. Cristian says:

    I believe that they do value themselves and have self respect. These girls know that they are sexy and can look amazing while striking a sexy pose in little to nothing, and we as men want to see this. I can only strive to someday get back into shape so that I can pose sexy pictures of myself for girls to ogle, and once the attraction is there see if we can connect on a deeper level.

  36. D says:

    Weren’t one of those girls on 16 and pregnant, haha… that’s sad.

  37. D says:

    Actually some of those girls are in porn already… I don’t know their names, but they are…

  38. yearnd says:

    I did not see a single tat refreshing!

  39. BrandiWine says:

    Oh snap is right !!!

  40. BrandiWine says:

    Word Up Rick. Hit me up at your Moms house. She needs help taking her own self pics !!!!!

  41. BrandiWine says:

    You ain’t shizzin em’ ! Heck just ask Rick’s Mom.

  42. BrandiWine says:

    You Have to be German !!!

  43. J says:

    Yeah! Except now they are called “Net Walkers”! What total slutty whores! I will never understand how any woman can promote the degredation of all women through their own slutty ho actions like these bimbos!!!!! No wonder most men and even boys think and believe women are only good for sex and serving them! Because they send that message to the younger generations and then prostitues and whore sluts like these home breakers just confirm it, enforce it and condone it!!!!!!!! Thank God my son is home schooled! I don’t like the horrible messages society is teaching our young!!!

  44. J says:


  45. chels says:

    lmao agreed, whats up with the hospital bed!?

  46. Kellie says:

    It’s a shame that girls don’t leave anything to the imagination anymore. They fail to realize that guys just want to screw them but not keep them around. Makes me glad that I have a son who is respectful of young ladies and not a daughter who has no self respect like these girls.

  47. Sam says:

    Alright, some of these pics are okay. But ya know what’s a major turnoff? I can count ribs on some of them. That’s totally not cool. I mean, don’t be mad overweight. But there is such a thing as being too skinny.

  48. Billy says:

    Speaking of self respect WHY are you posting here?

  49. One who knows says:

    “RETARDS” would not do this. How does it feel to be stupidier that some that is mental disabled (retard is an old and vulgar term not used anylonger)

  50. Ten says:

    How many of these girls you want to bet are underage? The ones in the college dorm rooms are obviously okay but the other ones, I feel kind of creepy looking at.

    The one girl with the disgusting room in the background, though? Oh my god. What a total turn-off!

  51. Al says:

    I love skinny women!and love to see ribs too if they are round now they will be FAT later skinny girls will just get less skinny but will never be fat!

  52. Brandi says:

    I agree, Sam. I’m a curvy woman, but by no means fat. But I love my curves. It makes me beautiful. These skinny girls just look sick to me. Eat something, ladies!

  53. Joshua says:

    Absolutely. Don’t get wrong.. it’s definately eye candy, but maybe I’m old school. This kind of stuff should be saved for the bedroom and off a camera. These girls are whores and our society made them that way. We should all be ashamed we allowed his to happen. I’m 25 so when my daughter becomes this age… It’s just scary.

  54. A Man says:


  55. Joshua says:

    riight, gay with kids.. rather be called that than be a pedo

  56. this guy says:


  57. Ashley says:

    Guys are freakin idiots. They’ll beat off to under age girls as long as they look “hot.” These girls think it’s awesome, pulling a grown ass twenty-something year old man and they’re like..15..And teen girls are the only ones who think that’s cool. To the rest of the female population, you guys are just chesters who can’t handle a grown woman so you’re stuck with the H.S. crowd. I don’t care about posting sexy pics, I just wish they didn’t start so young. And it isn’t like they keep these pics for boyfriends or whatever..They post them publicly and draw in the worst of the worse. Oh, and for you guys claiming it’s art and beauty..lmao..Keep telling youself that while you’re whacking off..Douche.

  58. Concerned says:

    OMFG 75% of these girls are like 14! You should be ashamed! Borderline child porn!

  59. Sexything says:

    If your going to do it at least get paid for it!!! I sell my pics, my toys, panties, movies and outfits!!! Who is so stupid just to put it out there for free!!! Wise up and sell it!!! And don’t put it all out there at once leave some to the imagination!!!!

  60. Teh_Meck says:

    I <3 Camwhores.

  61. Rodrigo S. says:


    last one made me laugh!!

    the blonde with cig is the best one by far

    pfff… youporn again…

    search: “smoking blonde”

  62. Wally says:

    Is that a dildo in the bottom right corner of the 5th picture from the bottom. It is the girl with the white thong with the tattoos. IF SO THAT IS FUNNY AND SHOULD BE POINTED OUT FOR SURE.

  63. CunningStunt says:

    Seriously? Does no one know how to work the timer on a camera? They all have to find a mirror LOL

  64. Kevin says:

    Why are all those girls posing with cameras?

  65. Jonny says:

    The last picture is the greatest!!!! LMFAO!!!!

  66. D-bone says:

    gotta love fuckin cunt sluts

  67. Ryan says:

    The second pic of the black chick is def the hottest one, god dam!

  68. Nacho Biness says:

    Am I the only one that noticed that the 3rd one from the bottom isn’t wearing panties?

  69. HufflyPuff says:

    you should check out the girls at http://chickskiss.com

  70. Hugh Jassole says:

    Any chick with the similar chest of an 11 year old boy should be put to death

  71. deeeeeee says:

    A lot of those girls look like they’re 16. That’s fucking gross.

  72. papi says:

    very very hot girls and think about it they are probley peaking right now, so show it off f#ck as much as possible because later in life your gona be old and less attractive

  73. Roach says:

    Maybe they are just horny. maybe the pics are for their boyfriends… and they think that love is real and lasts forever….even tho it doesn’t. they are like “oh, danny, please don’t show this to anybody!” D:”oh i won’t, i love you!” and then she cheats, they break up, and the pics are leaked to the net for revenge. whoo hoo, big deal? she should have thought about her actions. we’ve all made mistakes haven’t we? i’m sure there are some videos or pics of you all out there on the net from when you did something stupid, or thought it was funny at the moment, and now you highly regret it. Yes, that is life. Oh well, and life will continue. THE END.

  74. Steve says:

    Kiddie porn it is not. There is nothing revealing about those pictures. Everything is covered up. You just have a bunch of girls wanting to look hot. That is their choice. However do you know it is not illegal for a woman to walk around topless. If a man can do it is only fair that a woman can. Check out the law in the great state of Ohio.

  75. caregiver says:

    This is the kind of thing that ends the lives of young girls and then when they’re gone, everybody crys ‘oh, no one saw this coming, we don’t know what happened,’ yada yada yada. You can’t tell me that moms (or guardians) don’t know (most) of what is in their daughters closets! You also can’t tell me that they don’t notice their daughters have big boobs and tiny bodies. Yes, there are a few who are little miss innocent at home, good grades, the whole nine and then let loose as soon as their boyfriends car makes it out of site, but seriously, I think most parents are blind and don’t think anything bad will have to THEIR kids! Wake up people!

  76. lmao at you girls says:

    hey, take it from me. If a guy only wants you for how u look then he is just like these girls dishing it out (not fucking worth it) Just be different and be yourself, and if your have a good attitude that is more beutiful then any slut showing off. So don’t let these people bring you down, girl or boy.

  77. Sarita says:

    Some of these girls are beautiful, yes. Most of them have bodies I would die for. I just hope that these girls can recognize cyber predators… and hopefully they all have enough self-esteem to know that they are still sexy and beautiful with clothes on.

  78. chikadobo says:

    i think the last one is hawt! O.o

  79. Anton says:

    Wow…this doesn’t come as a shock at all. My ex used to post this kind of stuff as her profile pic on MySpace back in the day. I’m glad I’m rid of her, some of these pictures are just so sleezy. I can’t believe this is what my generation is turning into.

    Leave it to reality TV shows like Real World and the Hills to set an example of good behavior for underaged girls. Then you wonder why they rebel against their parents later because they are 14 dating a 22 year old.

  80. christina2323 says:

    what a bunch of hard up nasty whores.
    and everyone wonders why america is overloaded with pedophiles.
    you can thank all these trashy young sluts!!!
    i feel sorry for the next generation, if this is the filth they gotta compete with.

  81. lynn says:

    It’s so weird to look at these pictures and notice, “Hey… that girl goes to my school…”

  82. Vee(: says:

    I agree that these girls are making themselves look easy and I don’t condem the behavior at all. But its their bodies and they are the ones that have to deal with whatever consequences come up. Most of the girls post pictures like these because they want attention or want to hear that they look good because they have low self-esteem. And for all the people calling them hoes and tramps or anything along those lines, have you met them before, do you know what they are like? A few comments have talked about pictures such as these being the reason guys judge by looks because apperantly, girls with good bodies, that like to show them off are the easiest…? Seriously, get a life and stop worrying about what they are doing on their time. Bottom line, if you don’t like these pictures, don’t look at them.

  83. Michelle says:

    Why does she have to prove anything to you?

  84. KaLi BuD says:

    the 1 in tha yellow shirt an black booty pantiez is tha winner…shes tha sexiest 1 there

  85. Phillipeepee says:

    You’re all just jealous because you cunts are all fat pigs and all the guys writing negative comments are shitdick vaseline ass fags. Shut the fuck up.

  86. Phillipeepee says:

    You’re a fucking dildo, you know that?

  87. Yesenia Bechore says:

    absoulty trashtacular!!!!!! what would there mommys and daddys think? im sure theyd be very proud… if i EVER found out my daughter was taking pictures of herself like that Id woop her butt so bad spending the rest of her life in boot camp would seem like heaven…

  88. Megs says:

    Does anyone else think it’s ironic that the chick in the black with the joint in her mouth has a cross around her neck?

  89. SAW says:

    spoken like a true rapist, asshole!!!!

  90. Cuzin says:

    Every one of these pics is HOT ( except the last one)..

  91. HellOnHeels says:

    I can’t stand stupid self photos. Don’t these people have any friends that can take their pic? Better yet, a camera with a self-timer?

    That last pic is pretty hot, though…

  92. laugher says:

    I can’t believe I wasted my time looking at these pics. I hope these girls grow up before something happens to them to force them into a grown-up world.
    Have some dignity…It is cheesy to be easy…ha

  93. none says:

    I didnt see anything hot ….. i saw a bunch of hoes shownin there shit ..especially that one with the cig hanging out of her mouth and shes all bent over can you say Slut !!!!!!

  94. Lew says:

    OK!!! and you see less on a cover of a magazine, so the point is????

  95. bread says:

    then maybe they shouldn’t have sent them. chances are, they sent the same photos to at least two other guys. and also, it wouldn’t be kiddie porn if they’re over 18, which most of them are at least, AOL probably wouldn’t put something up if it were illegal. but seriously, if the women want to be sluts, who are we to complain? they already put them out there

  96. Mistress E. says:

    While I enjoy a beautiful body just as much as the other person, I would issue a word of caution to the posters here: Some of these girls barely look legal (and quite a few I’m thinking are closer to the 14-16yr range). I hope you checked to make sure they were all 18+. If not, you might get slapped for child pornography.

  97. Natalie says:

    You are an idiot…its about class and respect for yourself, do you know how many girls are raped, stalked and killed because of this kind of stuff. There are about half a million perverts enjoying these pics, which makes me gag at the thought.

    COver yourselves up and act like ladies, let people know what’s in your heads and hearts not your panties.

  98. kkel says:

    some of thoes girls look like there under 18 and the need to be taken offof here

  99. Jenna says:

    I like the last one. Bahahahahahaha.

  100. Steph says:

    That last pic is the best. lol.

    But seriously, I always wondered why I can’t get a boyfriend, but now it makes sense. I never realized how ugly I am…until now.

  101. maggie says:

    I am sure everyone agrees that this is in some cases, child porn no matter the child took the photo…Shame on AOL for publishing these shots and for saying ‘thank you’….I think AOL should have charges brought against them for Kiddie Porn.

    Men can be so disgusting…I’m sure none of the women at AOL thought this was cool.

  102. Johnny says:


    I’m sure you’re pretty enough. A lot of the girl in these pics aren’t beautiful at all. They’re just a little slutty and love showing off their sexy bodies and makeovers. It helps guys overlook their faults (on average, they look pretty shallow, and some of their faces aren’t very attractive). IMHO, many of them could also use a little more flesh on their bones.

  103. Angela says:

    I think that some of these girls are a little too young to be on the internet, yes. But this stuff happens alot in this generation believe it or not, ha. There are tons of girls taking pics JUST like these, this didnt surprise me one bit, i mean come on i used to do it all the time and send them to boyfriends and shit when we werent with each other. Some might be whores and sluts, but some might not be. Its the generation, no i wouldnt want my daughter doing it, but shit happens, i dont want my kids to do alot of shit ive done but they probably will. Teens will be Teens!

  104. Norris-atl. ga. says:

    Each and every last one of these girls are EXTREMELY hot and they know it. That’s why they are taking sexy shots such as these. They make guys like me very, very horny. Oh hell yeah!!! And a reply to Kayla, it seems to me that you are just a little bit jealous. You say have a better body and that you are of legal age, then prove it. Post your pics and let’s see what you’ve got. Come on prove it. I triple dog dare ya. I’m callin’ you out, Kayla.

  105. J says:

    you foul mouthed knucklehead

  106. i agree haha says:

    yeah obviously that girls picture is there. and what everyone else is saying is right, leave some for the guys imagination. half these girls on here look like whores and thats not what you want guys to think of you because darlings thats how rumors start.

  107. J says:

    Philip pee pee in his pants!

  108. Norris-atl. ga. says:

    Hey Almost There, you sound like my kinda chick. I think I like you. I would like to see you post a couple of pics of yourself on the web.

  109. J says:

    Phillip soggy seat!

  110. r.g says:

    yeah,they’re hot,but if it takes these “girls” taking pictures of themselves to get attention from someone,then maybe there’s something wrong at home to begin with ..there’s some respect for ones self missing every time some little girl is taking pictures of herself , or someone else doing it and posting it . where is our society going ???

  111. not good says:

    I agree some of these girls do look to young. They need to be removed.

  112. Almost There says:

    # 13 from the top has an absolutely slamming body! And this coming from a heterosexual female.
    In fact, she’s quite inspiring. I think I may have to save this picture because I could probably have her figure with a little effort. (I’m close as-is but she’s really stinkin’ hot!)

    Also some kudos to number 1… and to the tush of the girl leaning against the bathroom wall.

  113. notimpressed says:

    SPELL CHECK anyone?????

  114. Dallas says:

    Hey Kayla, why dont you tell us how you really feel?

  115. Cookmayn says:

    These fine young ladies know there hot and they can show it off, whats the problem. You say its degradation of women but I think its beauty, so stop hating. A girl can look however slutty she wants if shes not acting out like one she’s not one. Sexuality is a more open thing these days gotta get used to it.

  116. Ron says:

    I am totally offended by the way you casually curse my lord and savor Jesus Christ. Let’s see if you talk that way soon when you have to bend your knee, face to face with Jesus.

  117. Roach says:

    Not Ironic at all, considering God is a symbol of coolness these days and most of my friends that claim themselves as christians are going to church activities just for the social life… but still practice all the same shit that is considered “wrong” by the 10 Commandments… hmm. Cheating, Cursing, Lying, Stealing, Sex B4 Marriage, Idols higher than Jesus fucking Christ, um….

    Religion in America is used for Money. God is a Joke.

  118. none says:

    So I’m guessing your picture is in the above gallery which is why you’re so defensive. haha

  119. Nessa says:

    These were on myspace. As in, for their friends to see…. Yeah. They post it to Show their selves off. Not just for the boyfriend’s cell. But whatever. They’re hot (except the last pic Hahaha) so i don’t mind ;)

  120. fred phillips says:

    Pictures of nubile young females are not inherently wrongful. The late Maureen O’Hara used to say ‘If God gives you something beautiful, He means for you to use it’. The whole beef in our Calvinist culture is based on Augustingian historical consciousness, borrowed from the masculine-dominated dogmas of the Old Testament that equate pleasure with sin.We exhibit exactly the opposite attitude toward sex as Europe where the nude human form has for centuries not been regarded as shameful. If girls want to exhibit their bodies in non-pornographic poses, why isn’t it art rather than sleaze?

  121. lmao at you girls says:

    I totally agree. these girls are asking for a rape in some back alley or at a party somwhere. God, wheres the self respect and the dignity.

  122. JENNIFER says:

    The 4th one up needs to clean her room! LMAO
    At least if you’re going to take the “mirror self-pic” find a spot that doesn’t make you look like a total slob…. Too funny!

  123. Steve says:

    As much as i loved looking at those, i’m wondering how this was a link on the main page of aol, I didnt think they could do that. The one girl clearly doesnt have any underwear on and you can see it all but the way shes bending back its not fully exposed

  124. sheriff says:

    If you really care about an AOL post this much you must have no life. There is no way of proving that the girls are underage, and if you think its so offensive then dont look at it. Because of people like you our legal system is filled with useless complaints and wasted money. There are a lot greater issues in the world than the pictures and seeing how you are deeply offended by them leads me to believe you have self confidence issues.

  125. justme: ] says:

    lol hilarious i like you ahaha!

  126. justme: ] says:

    discusting bastard. people like you don’t deserve a life to live. then again it just helps us not make your stupid mistakes over and over again.

  127. funkmotron says:

    first off its hilarious that everyone cares so much to post comments but then use an anonymous name, secondly these girls are sluts but the world needs sluts. I love classy girls, no women, who dont need this but some do so let it be. If they are underage they are fucking anyway so as long as they arent being raped or molested by some old dude then let it be. Also the guy who posted an insulting HAIKU……..you are a genius!

  128. Steve? says:

    Oh Steve…GO BACK TO WORK!!

    And these girls (very young girls) should be at home playing with barbies….they seem very young.

    My goodness….I have a nine year old daughter…and this just breaks my heart!

    Where the hell are these girls mothers at? This is so sad…and dissapointing that they website is even up!

    Girls are rushing in this phase (in which) will ONLY make them more insecure(becasue they will be used, abused, and refused)….and then what?

    Don’y girls realize…a MAN wants certain things only for himself at home..but day to day MEN want classy respectful women? This is so disheartening.

    Goodluck…And I pray your mothers don’t see this garbage.

  129. some girl says:

    i’m sure any desperate pervert out there is going to use any number of pictures of naked/semi nude chicks to lure in other people.
    sucks it happened to you.

  130. some girl says:

    i think its funny that you say these girls are in the wrong for having these pictures posted when you then go on to say how you were rewarded for your ‘perfect body’.
    and it isn’t degrading unless you let someone degrade you.
    so take your 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies back to your frilly little princess room and shut your mouth.

  131. some girl says:

    girl with polka dot pants=TOO SKINNY. trailer trash ho with long pink nails= SKEEZY

  132. justme: ] says:

    WOW! strong words coming from a man i believe.
    steve? hmm just how can we tell when men are telling the honest truth? when they’re not being jerks or
    trying to get into stupid whores pants or innocent
    girls looking for a way to cope for something.
    why is it that guys are always searching for the
    same thing? what is sex about anyways? having fun??
    you can do that without getting someone (possibly) pregnant.
    BUT i do like how you mention the mother thing.
    i’d be dissapointed too if i were a mother. i’d be in shame
    but try to understand the meaning of how it happened in the
    first place. what her reason is for doing that before
    assuming and coming out with the wrong conclusions.
    anyways. this is the world we now live in right? there’s
    nothing wrong with fun. just have fun, live you life,
    the safe way.. it’s just a way to show your weakness of
    being able to control yourself. that’s how I see it.

  133. 1234 no name says:

    well i do have to say. i had a true love account. i am a lesbian, but i was lured in by a man. he had picture 3. and i swear i knew it was fishy. but the man’s name was ian and the mistake he made was leaving a tag from his iphone. watch out. that picture 3 is used by men to lure in nudes of lesbians.. watch it ladies

  134. Maribel101 says:

    Wow! These chicks, sure know how to degrade themselves. I am 17 years old and I have never sent degrading pictures like that. Girls, what do you get out of that? Did you know that by doing that your degrading yourself? Don’t get me wrong I have NOTHING to hate on, I have the perfect body, I have won 1st place in four out of seven beauty pagents I’ve been in, the rest 2nd and 3rd. Be true to yourselves… all your going to get is a “baby I love you” and a week later bye bitch, so why?
    Ha! watch when they find out that fat, old, nasty, dirty men are having orgasms to a picture you sent to “the love of your life.” Trust me I’ve been through those kind of questions, I just know how to blow them off. And to those idiotic ex-boyfriends that posted them, no freaking life, What are you going to get? A high-five from your homies? These are human lives your putting at risk… haven’t you heard, humans have feelings, when you DESTROY them they tend to end with their lives. Have fun feeling guilty when you find out one of these chicks killed themselves because “you just wanted to get back at her.”

  135. a person says:

    I agree, that statement is very hypocritical.

  136. cumand see says:

    wow!!..check this out readers..This is america,teen girls are growing up faster these days and theres nothing you can do about it.None of your comments will change the world or change these teens minds.Life is about learning from your own mistakes.To all the teens in the pics..good luck..your gonna need it.

  137. WutzTheDeal says:

    the intent of these photos are exactly what it would seem. however, the human body is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated. there are two genders: male and female; and everyone in this world is one of the two. its not like this is a rare occurance. i understand that many of these women are young in age and are concidered to be too young to do this sort of self expression, but really think about their ages… up untill the last couple of centuries, people grew up early. most women were married by age 15. now-a-days people concider 15 to be young and irresponsible. though they may be young in years, each and every one of them are remarkable women. if they are old enough to ( by NATURE’s standards ) reproduce, they are old enough to make their own decisions.

  138. Lyndsay says:

    This is why i hate women! No, im not a fat ass or ugly. I just fucking hate women like this. the ones that seriously think a)they look good b)we give two fucks what you look like half naked because its what’s inside that counts. I seriously hope none of these dumb bitches have kids…ever. What a bunch of stupid, slutty, no class having whores! Have a great day :)

  139. webosplash says:

    well i have to say in a 17 year old guy and if i had to say myself yes the pics are degrading buuuut…………………
    you really cant tell them what to do there all old enough to know what there doing but all in all not all guys would take and leave i would gladly take almost any of these girls and show them a better way of life most of them are beautiful but have a wrong guide on things

  140. SAW says:

    He took the words right out of my mouth. You sound disturbed.

  141. Sees The Funny Side says:

    Even though most of these pics are pretty inapropriate(some were inapropriate, but done in an artful way)..the one of the guy at the end is HILARIOUS! :D

  142. Destiny says:

    The fact that this is how young girls are getting thier self esteems is horrible. “I feel good about myself because I took a seductive picture and tons of guys want to fuck me over it” and many girls are jealous because they arent getting that attention. Um hello!! There nothing but your arms covering your chest. I dont know how hard you think it is to get a guy hard, but its not that hard. Sometimes before I give my husband oral and not in the modd I tell him he has to get himself hard for me to do it. AND HE DOES!! So these pictures dont make you sexy. The fact that a maxim pose gets you all sorts of sexy picture comments from guys you dont know over myspace doesnt mean anything. Except that your willing to get half naked and share it with strangers. Or even if you only shared it with a boyfriend and he posted. My husband is in Iraq right now. And there are MARRIED men who share pictures of THIER WIVES when they get emailed. Do you really want to be the girls guys talk about thier bodies and thats it? Because your in there with a list. No one ever just talks about 1 girls body. So you catch a mans eye. Thats not the way to his heart. Thats not the way to any “happy ever after” you may invision. All these pictures show is that your sexual. And duh. We are all sexual human beings. Your just more willing to share it then other. Another word for that is easy.

    And AOL can get in trouble for any of these girls how may be minors. Its young girls posing in sexual postions meant to “excite” people. Which is illegal, and where it may not hold the same consquence as child porn, its still comsidered child porn, and there are consqueces…

    So before I report this to cybertip.com, I would remove this page.

    And for the girls who you dont have consent to post this matireal from the maker of this page and articale can be charged with Defamation of Character.

    Granted these girls should nt be so stupid to give out or post these pictures, but you have no right to repost them. Especially for the ones that ex boyfriends posted. And you dont know who posted what. You are hurting people, and exposing them to the world in ways they may not want the world to see. Let these people have private lifes.

  143. justme: ] says:

    supermodels don’t pose like a fucken slut and try to act cute.
    they don’t model because they are trying to show they’re body, or maybe they are but, models are models. they just help make a best-selling product everyone would love to use.

  144. justme: ] says:

    lol i know right i was just searching out of curiosity
    and i thought i was like on a porn star link or something lol.

  145. ZVFera says:

    4. Anonymous is legion.
    5. Anonymous does not forgive, Anonymous does not forget.
    6. Anonymous can be horrible, senseless, uncaring monster.
    7. Anonymous is still able to deliver.
    8. There are no real rules about posting.
    Also (seeing as the order of these is often mixed.)
    Nothing is sacred.
    The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.

    And last but not least.
    Tits or gtfo.

  146. ZVFera says:

    14. Do not argue with a troll , it means that they win.

  147. get real says:

    Some of these pics arent that bad and im a female! what the diff between these and girls running around in bikinis. same damn thing! So does this mean that supermodels are sluts? Does this mean that girls that wear bikinis are whores? I say if you have it flaunt it. No one on here really knows these girls just because they did this doesnt make them sluts. They were just probably having fun. And we cant stop having fun just because theres perverts in this world. Women dont make perverts they are like that no matter what we do. Some i agree are bad like the ones that have no underwear but most have a top and bottom. so let them be. And if they are underage then let their parents deal with it. Thats why God gave them parents! You worry bout your own children.

  148. emarie. says:

    I couldnt agree with you more.

  149. Magneson says:

    I Love Sluts.

    These girls know what guys like and they show it just right.

  150. toni says:

    sry Holytaco.com but these chicas are in desperate need of a cheesburger…or 2. #1 no way they are all 18+, #2 i agree bout the self timer lol its tacky to hav the camera in ur pic…and super tacky to take the pic in a CRACKED mirror or trashed room…just not hot, hunny

  151. steve says:

    Just proves the old saying is true, If God made anything nicer than pretty young girls he’s keeping it for himself. Great pics, if you got it flaunt it,it dosen’t last forever. If it offends anyone they really need to get a life.

  152. 1ConcernedParent says:

    Honestly I don’t know why AOL or anyone would post pictures of underage girls. I’m not saying I’m positive but I’m pretty sure quite a few of them are and what about the females that didn’t think any of these would be for anyone but their boyfriend’s to see? I watched a story on tv a few months back where an 18 yr old committed suicide when something similar happend to her. Her bf sent the pic/pics out to alot of friends when they broke up. It concerns me enough to wonder if they got consent at all from the women who are posed in these photos.

  153. putsomeclotheson says:

    What are these girls fourteen…Aren’t they still getting their braces rubberbands changed to match their favorite holiday? Half of these girls can’t even fill up an A cup. As for the older ones….shame on you; you should know better.

  154. nunya says:

    when you decide to call someone a name make sure u cal spell first douche

  155. labrown1011 says:

    im waiting to see a post on here from one of these girls haha

  156. SAW says:

    True but your key word is YOUNG. We learn by our mistakes. Cut ‘em some slack – Role models: Miley Cyrus anyone? You’re overreacting and seem to be blind to the ways of the world.

  157. SAW says:

    HATERS!!!! Is that the best u can do?

  158. Porn King says:

    Say Hello to my Future line of Porno Sluts and Stippers …

    Hello Sluts , I look forward to Seeing You Soon … LOL

  159. SAW says:

    You know what: Almost 90% of the time these pics are taken as a sincere gesture at the request of a man they are truly fond of,as an aid in thier relationship. And i’m almost sure any man that has ever loved a woman would love to have their woman(“socially sexy” or not) pose provactively for them. It’s these insecure a**holes that can’t handle beauty & confidence that look to “expose” & exploit them. Notice there are no overweight,”ugly”(you’re ALL beautiful to me), or awkward girls posted!?!

  160. 1ConcernedParent says:

    P.S. That’s cybertipline.com to report any suspected child exploitation.

  161. SAW says:

    Well put. This is no more than you’ll see in Vouge or any other fashion magazine. Bravo ladies. And for all the naysayers 1)take the sticks out yor a**es, 2)leave it alone if you can’t handle it. Women have been posing like this since the middle ages. Good luck ladies; hopefully the right eye will catch you & you’ll make a million. But watch out for the pervs.

  162. Maribel101 says:

    Listen you little stank, I have something you don’t have. Their is something called “proving a point.” Learn from it. What I said earlier is what I felt if you can’t read and shut your dirty mouth then you shouldn’t be on this page. Okay, xoxo.

  163. for your consideration says:

    Proof that young girls are in desperate need to develop some sort of self respect. Whether these were meant for boyfriends or not, they all look far too young to even consider taking these kinds of photos. Next up for them? Prostitution. Hurray.

  164. cumand see says:


  165. kyle says:

    Teetee, these pictures don’t give the wrong impression, they give you the right impression. This is like, “Come and Get It,” commercials.
    I wonder how many thousand dollars were spent on boob enhancements before these pictures were made? I know two of the girls and I know for a fact they had boob jobs. I’m not knocking it, if that’s what they want, that’s their business.

  166. nbrln says:

    thanxx sexy girlsss

  167. Vlad says:

    What? Not a single one of these stupid chicks know how to set up a timer??

  168. Kayla says:

    Here my Thing. I have a better body then all these girls, but u don’t see me putting my pics on here, and I am of legal age unlike half of these TRAMPS. I always hated girls in high school especially ones like these. I think that girls like these girls, make girls hate each other because they are nothing but BIG ASS WHORES WHO THINK THEY ARE CUTE, WHEN REALLY THEY ARE JUST MAKING THEM SELF’S LOOK EASY AND BY THESE PICS ARE SAYING “HEY IM EASE, IM A WHORE AND A SLUT, AND YOU CAN FUCK ME AND LEAVE ME I DON’T CARE”. All you girls need to wake up and realize what you are doing to your self’s by putting these photos on the internet. THINK ABOUT IT GIRLS, WHEN YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER WOULD YOU WANT HER DOING THIS, HOPEFULLY NOT. SO ALL YOU GIRLS WHO THINK THAT THIS SEXY AND HOT AND CUTE, ITS REALLY NOT IT JUST MAKING YOU LOOK LIKE SLUTS, WHOREBAGS, AND HOES.

  169. Catholic Priest says:

    Young lady, I will pray that you buy a camera and send some pixs in. You sound very hot!

  170. Ally says:

    to whoever said it was the parents fault, yeah, no it isn’t. my parents tried to raise me super prude, and i’ve taken pictures like these.

  171. Norris-atl. ga. says:

    Hey Ally, can I see some pics of you? Pretty Pretty please?!!!! May I please?!!!!

  172. deni says:

    send me one

  173. analbumcover says:

    It only took me 3 minutes to register…what the fuck were you doing for the other 12?

  174. qwerty296 says:

    I didn’t have to register…

  175. Dom says:

    So I spent like 15 minutes registering and all this shit so that I can prove I’m not a spammer. And here we are with 50% of the posts are spam. Awesome!

  176. Infernos_Light says:

    My guess would be jerking off to images of your mother from milfhunter.

  177. BrandiWine says:

    Dom did because he can’t read the shizz at the bottom of the page !!! Oh snap !!!

  178. TeeTee says:

    These girls are pretty but it gives the wrong impression. Makes all of u look very easy. A sexy photo is leavin something to the imagination. But all u girls put it right out there for anyone and everyone to see. What r u gonna do as a parent and u see this and it is your little girl on here. U confront her and then she finds out you are sick for lookin at young women like this. I call them woman out of respect, but as many others said u know what u r. U need to leave a little for a mans imagination to enjoy the photo and find it sexy and hot. Im a mother of four, and have many sexy shots for my hubby but none that actually reveal my ass or my tits, but teasin , intilating photos, He loves them he is actually proud to show them off to his friends. What man in his right mind wants to show a pic of his woman showing off everything. Dont make sense..i sure dont want another woman seeing my mans pkg why would u want another man seeing your womans pkg?????? That is the question??I will close on that note.

  179. obe says:

    They all need a good spankin in the butt showing theses to the all horney men of the world if i was their parents i would let them all eat their own urine and shit for a day…

  180. ZVFera says:

    Something tells me you weren’t a popular kid in high school? Also, rules of the internet. You must have pictures to prove your statement.

  181. oink says:

    I’m very shock all the girls taking theses pictures but they all cute and all jail bait too. All of them need a good pepper in the asshole and spank for ever…on my knee

    Support your local FBI headquarters~~!!!

  182. your name here says:

    the 13th gurl i dont think that pic looks slutty honestly to me its looks like shes really athletic therefore she has an athletic body and shes showing it which trust me im pretty skinny but if i had an athletes body id be showing it off too

  183. MAHEM25 says:

    YES!… i have a boner.. BOING!

  184. Kim says:

    After raising 4 daughters ages 17-24 now, I can promise that most of these girls are underage,except for a few that are trying hard to look underage). I really wish these beautiful young ladies could just step back and think about what they are doing.

  185. wordwitty says:

    Beautiful women being playful and having fun. Nothing wrong with that. I’d rather have a beer with one of them than some stodgy stick in the mud.

  186. Father Bob says:

    Hey, almost every time I read comments on girls posing in sexy positions, there is also a note about how they regret it afterwards. That is neither here nor there; for girls who don’t get in trouble doing it, there is some pride, as well there should be. The big thing girls need to remember is that most guys are jerks, who need an inordinate amount of time to mature.

  187. dawayushakeitIcantbelieveit says:

    I have to always see some ass like that…

    ften…and I like it.

    I hate to say it but Phillipeeppee is right.
    The women on her hating must be butt ugly skanks
    the men are either shitdicks, or vazeline ass fags(or both)

    You wouldn’t be looking, on the HOLY TACO
    i.e taco slang for a womens twat..Get it, got it good!

  188. Rox says:

    Some of these girls look around age 14, my age, and that scares me. The average age girls lose their virginity is 15 yrs old. My parents weren’t virgins when they wed, as some aren’t. But what ever happened to “abstinence”? These girls all look like whores, they think these pics are cute, to tease their boyfriends, or guys out there in cyberworld, by takin a dirty pic in the bathroom in a mirror usually, but it’s the reason men/boys in society today think of women as sex objects and judge women based on looks. No respect, I hope these girls see these comments and pics of themselves to see how they shame themselves.

  189. girlyoudon'tknow says:

    my opinion is that some of them r covered and have @ least a good amount of clothes on. i think that nothing is wrong with that. the other one’s who r wearing slutty clothes, so they can show off their big boobs and booties isn’t really a good idea. i mean, what happens when they have kids? that would be such a bad example for the kids if they ever find out. but other than that, they’re just showing off their bodies, god’s creation, nothing wrong with that either. its their lives they can do whatever they want. if they want to take slutty pics of themselves then they can. that’s their choice, i’m just saying in the future not a bright idea. that’s all and have a good day :) xoxo

  190. popshot12345 says:

    most of these girls have nice bodys and the ones that do are trying so hard to look better than they do that they look like they sleazy

  191. wenis luver says:

    wow, i never thought a girl would be dissapointed that u cant see her, and if u dont get what im talking about look at the girl all the way to the right in the first pic that has 3 girls in it

  192. biker john says:

    these girls should shave their kitties,they are have hair bulges

  193. ****************88 says:

    wow you all are straight up assholes

  194. J says:

    i dont see whats wrong with this, its normal for girls to do this now-a-days. I see something like this about three times a month

  195. Ajr says:

    Some of these pictures arn’t even Skanky. Bathing suit pictures with the general teen population are usually encouraged, and never talked badly unless you have an overweight body, and even then, they comment “So pretty!”. I’ve seen a bunch of these pictures just on the internet, so when they claim that ex-boyfriend’s leaked them, it’s not plausible. It’s just the lingerie pictures that are slutty. Pictures with a shirt and panties,or shorts with a bra(The 5th picture from the bottom was even fully clothed.)don’t even register as whoreish. I’m a teenager myself, and even though, you’re comment (Steve) was somewhat touching(?) about your daughter, but it just pisses us off more. You’re not our dad, so what right do you have to judge us? Hell, most of us have trouble behaving in school. Though I think your comment was great, we pounded it into our head to “Fuck the authority and anyone who says you can’t.” You’re comment might do more damage than good. Just saying.

  196. Infernos_Light says:

    BASTARDS!! That last picture…..!

  197. Almost There says:

    These just reminded me. My 14 year old brother has a girl’s “self pic” as his cell phone wallpaper. She coulnd’t be more than 15 or 16. I’m glad when I was that age, I only had a “jamcam” available to me and not high tech digital cameras/cell phones. Its too tempting.

  198. uhm.... says:

    I don’t think that the girl in the fishnets is wearing underwear, and I’m sure that she is underage.

  199. XXX says:

    Another fap session for me…….

  200. Mr. Obvious says:

    hmm…. i wonder how many of these were on Craigslist’s “erotic/adult” services.

  201. Greenman says:

    Well done. Once again, thanks to HT, I’m at work hiding another hard-on under my desk.

  202. joycekane says:

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  203. r.kels24 says:

    Ha you guys always crack me up with the last pic in these galleries lately.

  204. maesemario says:

    why god, why….
    i need a girl now… :(

  205. miss. musiclover says:

    Some chicks will take pictures and send them to a boyfriend to tease and not have sex with them, some send them to anyone, most doesn’t send them at all. sure people may be losing their virginity at an early age but the people who are talking about raising at daughter today act like all the girls today are sluts. some girls are sluts and have low self respect but think that they have tons of self respect and honestly a lot of the school call those chicks sluts and think low of them. it’s those mothers who are buying their kids all the makeup and letting them be superficial and trying to be the best girl friend ever that end up with the daughters like that, it’s actually really easy to keep a girl away from this stuff if you raise them right, it’s not completely rocket science. and yeah some chicks make mistakes and get preggo or an std or whatever. but sitting here talking about how idiotic and everything these chicks are when each post is repetitive is… pitiful. and even if boys do respect a girls a boner is a boner they may be able to resist sex but the attraction and thoughts are still there.
    sex is sex, just tell chicks their husband is gonna want them tight orelse their gonna be tooo stretched out and disgusting by the time their 20 something and have a horrible adulthood sex life and maybe even marriage. tell them their husband may find it hot or kinky getting the virgin and not multiple guys left overs. don’t post here and how today’s world sucks for teens.

  206. Catholic Priest says:

    Which ones are Sarah Palins girls?
    I like #1 and #3. The rest are 7 and 8′s.

  207. pokey says:

    Its amazing to me what females think is sexy, there might be 2 in there that actually were. The rest were
    annoying and embarrasing for them.

  208. daddy cakes says:

    girls cum to papa!!

  209. CRod says:

    I view those girls as high quality art–their paren must be creative geniuses.

  210. The Campus Socialite says:

    Those girls are Campus Socialites. Once you get them back to your dorm or apartment, here is how you seal the deal!