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Seren Gibson

Age: 19

Where you’ve seen her: Seren Gibson is one of those girls who’s in all those wacky British magazines with the girls with the wacky huge boobs and the wacky massive mams. Wacky Brits.

Pointless quote that could be from Seren…or possibly Oliver Twist: “When I was 16 I was terrible. I would start stripping and snogging girls and running around in my knickers.”

4 Responses to "Seren Gibson"

  1. Buddy Ice says:

    This is bitch is so young, wet, and hot that The Taco had to post her twice in one day.

  2. Buddy Ice says:

    And then un-post her 1 time because it wouldn’t be fair to all the other posts if this one was posted twice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    want to fuck