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Settle Down, Fatty.

We’re about 90% sure that this video is fake, but it’s always fun to see a fat dude this upset at teenage kids on the internet. It’s strangely familiar to us.
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12 Responses to "Settle Down, Fatty."

  1. Tubs Mcfatfuck says:

    What a fat ass idiot

  2. someone says:

    he is just pissed cause when he got married the ring fitted perfectly, now he’s become a super fat ass and his wife dumped him and he can’t take it off, that is what this is all about. true story

  3. A. Nell Fisher says:

    You look pretty angry in that video. Hope you feel better by now.

  4. Philosopher says:

    Stop making fun of me

  5. Julius says:

    you are fat

  6. Bill Brasky says:

    someone married him?

  7. Julius says:

    that would be his mom bringing him his apirin to survive those heartattacks

  8. SkinnyChick says:

    He needs to fucking lose some weigth

  9. Teddy Picker says:

    This guy needs to release some stress, working out always helps.

  10. joe says:

    the giant firehouse sub ad right next to this video is fuckin priceless. it looked like he kept looking over at it ahahaha

  11. Skinny says:

    Dude, is the audio delayed, or are you so fat that the camera was THAT far away?

  12. EL B.J says:

    Settle down!! You don’t want to work yourself up and get hungry.