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Sex Excuse Bingo

Sometimes girls treat sex like Forrest Gump treats talking to strangers: regardless of the circumstances, they just refuse to give it up.  Keep this Sex Excuses Bingo Card close to your bed (or wherever you bone most often) and check the excuses off as you go (a word of warning, though: if you get a Bingo, I think that means you lose).

20 Responses to "Sex Excuse Bingo"

  1. Neon says:

    i noticed “i’m your son” didn’t make, this list. i guess that’s fitting since it never actually worked, for me

  2. Mad pregnant style says:

    you don’t get laid much, do ya philip j. sherman

  3. 8080gogo says:

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  4. Philip J. Sherman is gay says:

    I don’t like you one bit. Please keep your moralizing to yourself. Perhaps you would be more comfortable visiting another website that caters to your antiquated sexual preferences. I suggest http://www.I‘m-an-asshole-who-doesn’t-get-laid-even-when-I-offer-to-pay-for-it.com

  5. Philip J. Sherman says:

    Guess what? Women shouldn’t just give up their bodies to who ever wants them. Of course their hot, but that doesn’t mean they should sleep with you.

    Maybe they don’t want an STD or an STI or to get pregnant. Even if your on some type of birth control or a condom these things can still happen to you. Condoms don’t even protect against HIV. The only time a women should “give it up” is when their husband wants to have sex or have their way with them. It’s called marital relations and our society doesn’t know how to honor it properly or keep it within the confines of marriage.

  6. Philip J. Sherman = certified cocksucker says:




  7. Hiko says:

    GREAT !!! I laugh a lot now, but not so much when one told me “Im getting married next month” ¬¬ at least I now it was truth

  8. MrKillson says:

    I don’t see even one decent excuse on that card.

  9. MrKillson's Asshole says:

    That’s because your head is inside me right now.

  10. hahahha says:


  11. Jotnar says:

    i LOLed at that as well.

  12. i smell like ass says:

    you sunk my battleship

  13. Jack's Raging Bile says:


  14. Jack's Melted Boner says:

    More like “blackout.”

  15. Mulholland says:

    What about: “I’m not your wife, get out of my house or I’ll call the cops.”

  16. Madonna says:

    My vagina has teeth

  17. Anonymously says:

    What about Pillow Pants?

  18. John Daivs says:

    Wow dude that is liek the coolest thing ever!


  19. Jack says:

    LOOOL! I just took a shit is my favorite. Hilarious!