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Sex Is Not Supposed to Be Fun For Women

When I lived in Chicago, there was a guy who lived in the building across the street from me that looked exactly like the guy in this video, and that guy used to have a bad habit: he would masturbate out the window.  I would be sitting there watching TV in my living room, and then something would catch my eye out the window and, without thinking about how this had happened many times before, I would glance over to see this dude vigorously jerking off onto the heads (and umbrellas) of pedestrians below.  It was pretty gross.  A couple of times I just opened up my window and yelled "stop masturbating out the window!", which would freak out the people on the sidewalk below, but never seemed to deter him from taking care of business.  The guy in this video is Dutch, so they’re probably not the same person, but if I ever managed to have a conversation with Window Spooge Guy, I’m pretty sure that he would say things exactly like this. 
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28 Responses to "Sex Is Not Supposed to Be Fun For Women"

  1. Horny Chick says:

    These Horny Sex Addicts know exactly what their doing and you can join the fun too!

  2. comedyicon.com says:

    He was recently hired as a babysitter at the Neverland ranch.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is he for real with this? Like… really? Hes a douche.. XD

  4. Anonymous says:

    fuck you.

  5. Anal sex says:

    I want to take him up the bum.

  6. livethefatty says:

    ha that guys not getting laid anytime soon

  7. Anonymous says:

    that was so stupid, you can tell he doesn’t get much action. he just sits at home playing with fruit

  8. Female. says:

    That man is not only a dumbass, but a virgin. the hole he created on that tomato thing is probably the closest he has ever been, and will ever be to a vagina like opening, unless he foists himself off on some poor animal. yet i have no pity…

  9. Sebastien says:

    I love the face he makes in the last second of the video while looking at the tomato. xD

  10. Jennifer Leigh says:

    What is American Idol’s Constantine doing talking about his vagina? There are other more important things I need the space in my brain for…

  11. sithhead says:

    He couldn’t properly satisfy a woman. This is his rationale.

  12. Sylvester says:

    Yeah, lets teach him that blood is a natural lubricant!

  13. roach says:

    He’s got maybe half a point, speaking scientifically: in strictly biological terms, no, the female doesn’t have to enjoy sex to get impregnated and have a baby, which is pretty much what sex is for, to make babies. But human women tend not to conceive right off the bat, and thus if a human man can convince her that having sex with him is a great activity, by, say, not tearing into her vagina like a spoon into a satsuma, she’ll be a lot more likely to keep having sex with him, and then have his baby, which is like the jackpot of reproductive activity. Then the guy knows it’s his kid, the woman’s not getting all torn up and is maybe amenable to having more kids, the kids grow up in an environment of minimal painful rape, everyone’s happy.

    In non reproductive terms, we humans invented this thing called birth control, so women (who are people and not fruit) can choose have tons of awesome sex without having kids.

    And without coming anywhere this douchewaffle.

  14. Mangina Mangler says:

    He’s obviously gay and fooling around…on camera and later with guys.

  15. Nick says:

    Is fruit sex supposed to hurt?

  16. GutZ says:

    fruit sex feels gooooooooood!

  17. Dick Tucker says:

    Depends on the fruit. I don’t really like sticking my dick in tomatoes – kinda burns. Pears make good buttplugs. Pineapples — well, I’ve said too much already.

  18. capt awesome says:

    I love the part when he looks at the tomato(?) and you can see it on his face, he’s thinking ” I am sooo going to fuck this later on”

  19. Fussy says:

    This guy cannot be serious! If the 90′s grunge hair and unbuttoned shirt isn’t enough to make the ladies run like hell, I’m betting the minute he open his mouth it does the trick. Would certainly explain his lack of knowledge about the opposite sex…..

  20. Anonymous says:

    LOL .. I love the moment at the end where he looks into the fruit and gets this expression on his face like he saw something unexpected.

  21. Anonymous says:

    What a doucheknuckle

  22. BSP says:

    I totally agree what a cunt! He’s never heard of feminism then, if a woman is not enjoying sex then you’re doing wrong. If this guy is married then his kids are going to be retarded twofold, and perhaps if he fucks without caring if the woman ur fucking likes it then i think adultery on his wifes part, and a divorce is on the cards.

    Anal sex can hurt initially but the longer ur cock is in there the asshole widens and she begins to appreciates it, try sticking a dildo up ur ass and see what it feels like, don’t try a cucumber, an ex says it hurts, even in her pussy

  23. That Jackass says:

    Correct, How can he shun gays his own peopl,e did you hear him he stutered every time before he said vagina or vaginal(which he pronouced wrong)he another religious prick who should die

  24. UnicorNinja says:

    Haha i agree.

  25. Leo says:

    that was obviously the explanation he received when his vagina hurt.

  26. TG says:

    I would like him to have the sex talk with my child.

  27. Larry says:

    damn it i watched it all

    warning label fail

  28. I <3 FACHINAL SEX says:

    This guy makes a lot of sense.